Jenny Jones








Not For Ourselves Alone: Belonging in an age of loneliness

Traces belonging in its broadest context, using author's own experience to track how we develop a sense of belonging via our individual self. Frank conversations with friends and family reveal how others are finding their own ways to belonging in spite of difficult circumstances. In essence they are replacing the twentieth-century story of ourselves as either self-interested individuals or just herd animals by a narrative with kindness, compassion and inclusion at its heart.

Writers in Residence: A Journey with Pioneer New Zealand Writers

This book about twenty nineteenth-century New Zealand writers presents in human terms what it meant to be a writer in a strange new land. Unexpected people took to the pen; travellers recorded their adventures; soldiers, judges, civil servants burst into print; poets blossomed. The writers include Joel Polack, William Colenso, Edward Jerningham Wakefield, Frederick Maning, John Logan Campbell, Samuel Butler, Lady Barker, and end with Blanche Baughan and Jessie Mackay. While the book required considerable research, it aims to take these talented, entertaining and courageous characters out of the exclusive possession of the scholars by recreating them as ordinary people excited by their experiences and surprised to find themselves making history.

No Simple Passage: The journey of the 'London' to New Zealand, 1842 - a ship of hope

Jenny has created a startling record of life on board the London, an emigrant ship bound for New Zealand in 1842, by imaginatively stowing away alongside her ancestor Rebecca Remington. The narrative vividly pieces together the days at sea on this floating microcosm using the journal of the ship's surgeon and that of a cabin passenger. Combined with the portrayal of this arduous journey are accounts of the Wellington settlement as the pioneers will find it and the historical events they will become caught up in.