Karen Stade, Alastair Rose and River Press invite you to the launch of Driven by the Wind: the memoir of Captain Henry Rose on Sunday 11 August, 2 pm at Mapua Boat Club, Mapua Wharf.

‘Christmas Day 1847 we were in a gale of a wind in the Bay of Biscay, the ship being deeply laden made rather bad weather of it. One of the boats was struck by a heavy sea and smashed and the First Mate had his leg broke. The Cook … told me that I would never see my mother again …’

So began the adventures of master mariner Captain Henry Rose, who rose through the ranks to command some of the fastest clipper ships in the world and then became the Wellington manager of the New Zealand Shipping Company and a foundation member of the Wellington harbour Board.

Driven by the Wind is based on the 1911 memoir of Henry Rose, researched and expanded by Nelson author Karen Stade and published for retired Tasman apple-grower Alastair Rose, a great-grandson of Captain Rose.

Everyone is welcome to the launch at Mapua. Afternoon tea will be provided, and signed books available for $50 (cash only). The book is also available from all good book stores or direct from the publisher, River Press, 12 Market Street, Picton,