Going West 2019

Going West Festival 2019
> PROGRAMME LAUNCH Wednesday 7 August
> OPENING NIGHT Friday 6 September
> CLOSING EVENT Sunday 15 September

Following our festival ‘Spread the Word’ in September last year, we trust you had a great summer reading and relaxing. We spent summer nurturing new ideas. An invigorating Strategic Planning Session lead by Trustee and creative force James Littlewood was held at Titirangi Library overlooking the mighty Manukau. It is an incredible spot for reading, thinking and strategising and we formed some great goals. In light of the recent closure of three bespoke libraries at the University of Auckland, it was timely to remind ourselves to use and cherish the libraries in our communities. Going West is proud to partner with them.

The dates for Going West 2019 are now set from 6th – 15th September.
Mark your calendars for the literary feast. You don’t want to miss this annual creative gathering of great New Zealand writer’s and we want you all to be part of the buzz.