LitCrawl Wellington

LitCrawl Wellington started in 2014 with 15 literary events in as many venues over 3.5 hours. Our fifth birthday event in 2018 featured 25 events and over 140 writers. LitCrawl is a celebration of Wellington spaces, the vibrancy of Wellington’s literary community, and the energy that is created when readers and writers connect.

The 2019 LitCrawl will take place on Saturday 9 November and is now part of a larger programme called VERB Festival. The LitCrawl is the cherry on top of VERB and is the energetic heart of the VERB Festival.

The VERB Festival programme, including the LitCrawl line up, will be released in September 2019. In the meantime you might want to check out our VERB Events which happen throughout the year.

If you haven’t heard about LitCrawl before then read on to discover how it works and have a look at some past programmes.

LitCrawl happens between 6pm – 9.15pm on Saturday 9 November 2019. There are 25 events in three parts (Phase 1: 6pm – 6.45pm; Phase 2: 7.15pm – 8pm; Phase 3: 8.30pm – 9.15pm). It is recommended that you study the programme (released September 2019) and choose what events you are going to try and get in to in each of those three parts (venues are often quite small so you need to have back up options in case your first choices fill up). You have half an hour between each session to move to your next session. Events are free but we take donations if you can spare the cash. All donations go right back into the event, which is entirely non-profit, and are gratefully accepted.

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