Staunch Book Prize

Celebrating great thriller writing!

The 2019 Staunch Book Prize will be awarded to a novel in the thriller genre in which no woman is beaten, stalked, sexually exploited, raped or murdered.

What are we looking for?

Well-written, exciting thrillers that offer an alternative narrative to stories based around violence to women. That doesn’t mean we’re just looking for thrillers that feature men in jeopardy instead, but stories in which female characters don’t have to be raped before they can be empowered, or become casual collateral to pump up the plot.

As our 2018 SHORTLIST proved, there are so many other stories to tell.

Any genre of thriller is welcome – crime, mystery, historical, sci-fi, cyber, comedy, psychological, spy, suspense, political, satirical, disaster, and ones we haven’t even thought of! We are not at this time looking for horror or fantasy novels. Stories that feature a woman in a strong leading role are even more welcome. But as long as the main criteria are followed, any thriller novel is eligible for entry.

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