Time to start building your online profile as a writer?

Having a solid social media presence will benefit the career of any writer, whether you plan to self-publish or follow the traditional route. And it’s never too early in your writing journey to start thinking about how you’re going to connect with your readers – or future readers – in the virtual world.

The downside is that keeping on top of your social media can feel like a lot of hard work that takes up your valuable writing time!

If you feel like social media is something you ‘ought to do’ as a writer, but don’t know where to start or struggle to keep it up, our new workshop is for you. This workshop will take you through the steps to create your own personalised social media strategy, enabling you to build your profile online, find your potential readers, and take the hard work out of your social media efforts.

Date: Thursday 3rd October
Time: 6.30-8.00pm
Venue: Elizabeth Yates Room, Ellen Melville Centre, Freyburg Place, central Auckland
Booking: https://www.writerscafe.nz/event/social-media-strategy-for-writers-and-authors/