Angela Yeoman







The War of Gwylim Harris: A Novel

2019. ISBN 978-0-473-47179-8. Silver award winner in the Global E-Book Awards in 2019  Available as an e-book and in paperback from and

Born soon after the end of World War II, Gwylim Harris comes of age in a period of social, political and economic change in New Zealand and the world. His actions, shaped by history, collide with the frailties of the women he courts. Gwylim’s war with himself to find his identity sits alongside the voices of the women he loves. Through the life of Gwylim Harris the meaning of family and commitment is explored as the place of women in society changes around him. His struggles leave a trail of abandonment and opportunities lost.

Wrestling with Pie

2019. A selection of essays. ISBN 978-0-473-47177-4. Library Catalogue.

The Kiwi Nest: 60 years of change in New Zealand families

2008. The Kiwi Nest was commissioned by the Families Commission  (later renamed Superu). It can be found here: Library Catalogue.

Family form and structure have changed over the past 60 years, raising questions about how families can meet contemporary functions. Because the family is an economic entity, a critical social group, and a building block of communities, society itself can be affected when families come under pressure. Global influences, the economy, social norms, our capacity to work, and our expectations about being a parent are often different today than for previous generations. This report examines the factors that affect the formation and existence of families, and how families adapt to changes. If families are adaptable, society benefits. Alongside a demographic description of New Zealand families over six decades, the report examines three important dimensions of family life - work, income, and housing. It also discusses themes that transcend these topics. This report will contribute to a broad view of the complexity and importance of families, and how they can be supported to enhance their wellbeing.

Assessment of the Health Impacts of Lowering the Minimum Legal Age for Purchasing Alcohol in New Zealand

2002. This occassional paper No 16, the Assessment of the health impacts of lowering the minimum legal age for purchasing alcohol in New Zealand, was written for ALAC.

It can be found here: Library Catalogue.

Inside/Outside: Family Violence and Housing

1991. Inside/Outisde: Family Violence and Housing was written for the Housing Corporation of New Zealand. It can be found here: Library Catalogue. This research explores the association between stable housing and the likelihood of experiencing family violence

Support Housing: Who Supports it?

1991. Support Housing: Who Support it? is a primary research project exploring attitudes and behaviours at a time of significant deinstitutionalisation in New Zealand. It was written for the Housing Corproation of New Zealand. It can be found here: Library Catalogue.

Becoming Real.

2020. ISBN 979-8-655-49652-1. Available as an e-book and in paperback from and

Becoming Real is the story of a murder linked to a religious cult. Religious beliefs, cultural heritages and politics co-exist and sometimes clash in the melting pots that are Australia, America and Iran. There is the shadow of ISIS, collaboration with the NYPD, the involvement of the Australian inteliigence community and, amisdt it all, a powerful love at first sight. Becoming Real is a classic murder mystery, but one that touches on the human condition. It is Book One in an explosive new crime series: The Becoming Chronicles.

Willow in Underwood

2020. ISBN 979-8686-33586-8. Willow in Underwood is Book One of The Underwood Collection of paranormal romance novels. It is available in e-book and paperback from 

When she leaves her Californian life for rustic England, Willow discovers she has the rare gift of being able to see and talk to dead people who know reside in the Underworld. She finds new friends, falls in love with a man from the Underworld, leads a mission to save the President of the United States of America from evil Underworld beings, and journeys into the Underworld itself on a quest that is fraught with danger. All the while, she is pursued by her angry ex-fiancé, Ashton Anderson. Willow moves through this world and the next to find friendship, love, happiness, and identity.