Hugh James

Hugh James is a writer and musician hailing from New Zealand and currently living in Hamburg. A founding member of the international writer’s collective, Found in Translation, Hugh is a co-organiser of the successful Hafen Lesung series. He is always working on his next manuscript. You can check out his current projects on his website.






Hamburg, Germany


Allow Me To Demonstrate

When death threats and legal proceedings force Finn to abandon his coverage of the civil war in the United Kingdom, he arrives home to face a new set of problems: drugs are legal in Germany, a mixed blessing considering the cocaine habit he's developed; his subscriber numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate; and things just aren't the same with Maddha. A job offer from tech-giant OpenSauce, to report on the first demonstration in more than a decade, seems to good to be true. Corruption is rife and capitalism is failing. A conspiracy has been set in motion that could well be the catalyst for revolution.