Maggie Rainey-Smith

Maggie Rainey-Smith is a novelist, poet, short story writer, essayist and book reviewer. Her latest novel 'Daughters of Messene' published by Makaro Press in 2015, was translated in June 2019 and on the best seller list with Kedros Publishers, Athens.

Her first novel, About turns, was a bestseller, the first New Zealand novel to be chosen by Whitcoulls as a Guaranteed Great Read. She has published work in journals and anthologies including Landfall, Sport, NZ Listener, 4th Floor Literary Journal and Essential New Zealand Poems. In 2014, she was joint runner-up for the Landfall essay prize.

'Turbulence’ a second novel by Maggie Rainey-Smith, published by Random House.   “A book that is written from the male perspective by a woman  … it takes balls.   She makes generalisations about what it is to be a man that should really be insulting but they’re too accurate to really take issue with.”

John McCrystal, Book Review on Nine to Noon, June 1st.  


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Lower Hutt


Daughters of Messene

Daughters of Messene is a story of a family of women - those who stayed in that broken but beautiful country, one who went to the ends of the earth to escape what she'd seen, and another who returned not knowing what it was she was looking for.

This novel was published in translation in Greece, and on the best seller list 2019 with Kedros Publishers, Athens.



About turns

About Turns, Maggie Rainey-Smith This novel, with its humorous insights into New Zealand women and their allegiances, will have you and your friends laughing in unison. Irene has a secret. It slips out inadvertently during book club when the wine has been flowing too freely. Her teenage years as a marching girl are not something she had wanted her friend Ferrida to know about. She's always wanted Ferrida's approval, for her friendship is as important and fraught as the one with Paula, when they marched together all those years ago. But friends don't necessarily march to the same beat, and Irene finds it hard to keep step. - See more at:


Adam is fortyish, coasting along and relatively content, while his glamorous partner, Louise, takes centre stage. But half a lifetime ago his aspirations were higher, and he was certain about the future he'd share with Judy. When an unexpected invitation arrives, uncomfortable truths resurface and the secrets of the past spill out. How will Adam manage attending a reunion in the company of both Louise and Judy — not to mention stepfatherhood and a state of siege at work?