• Melanie Harding-Shaw

    Melanie Harding-Shaw is a speculative fiction writer, policy geek, and mother-of-three from Wellington, New Zealand. She was a finalist for Best Short Story in the 2019 Sir Julius Vogel Awards. Her work has appeared in places like Daily Science Fiction, New Orbit Magazine and Breach Zine. Look up her website, Facebook or Twitter for latest news and publications. 


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    • Editing
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    Finalist, Best Short Story, Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2019 - “A Devoted Husband” [Published in Breach Zine] http://www.sffanz.org.nz/sjv/sjvFinalists-2019.html [April 2019]
    Finalist, National Flash Fiction Day: International Micro Madness Competition 2019 - “See Me”, https://nationalflash.org/micro-madness/ [June 2019]
    Finalist, National Flash Fiction Day: International Micro Madness Competition 2018 - “Big Brother”, https://nationalflash.org/micro-madness/ [June 2018]

    “Indenture is a Nervous System”, Worlds: Dark Drabbles #1, Black Hare Press, https://www.blackharepress.com/publications/worlds-a-science-fiction-microfiction-anthology/ [25 June 2019] Drabble (100 words) - Science Fiction
    "An Avian Introduction", GeyserCon Book: Something Strange Happened in Rotorua Competition, http://www.geysercon.nz/competitions, [31 May 2019] Prose Poem - Fantasy
    “A New Cold War”, Daily Science Fiction, https://dailysciencefiction.com/science-fiction/science-fiction/melanie-harding-shaw/a-new-cold-war [23 April 2019]
    “When supermarkets go bad”, Breach Zine Issue 10, https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/926927 [March 2019]
    “Revolutions”, New Orbit Magazine Issue 4, http://www.neworbitmagazine.org/ [November 2018]
    “A Devoted Husband”, Breach Zine Issue 9, https://www.breachzine.com/ [November 2018]
    “Common Denominator”, Wild Musette Journal Issue 1802, https://wildmusette.com/collections/stock/products/vegetable-pulp [October 2018]

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