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    I am a software developer by profession. I moved to New Zealand in 2000 and living here ever since. I wrote my first "book" when I was twelve, by hand, and I still have it in my possession.


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    Bag Of Thrillers

    A collection of three short stories written over a number of years,.

    Leopard Force

    A novel set in post-apartheid South Africa, just six years after the landmark elections. The legacy of the past decades continues to haunt the nation, and there are still opposing forces vying for control of a country in the grip of a crime wave. A teenager is caught in middle of a very volatile situation that could trigger the civil war that was narrowly missed in 1994.

    A weight on the mind

    The obesity crisis is getting worse, and no one knows it better than Glenda Peters who is in her thirties. She has abandoned all hope of being a healthy weight, ever again.

    Our genetic makeup has been proven to play a role. Cue genome editing, and the prospect of applying it to the weight management challenge facing our modern society, where fully half of the adult population is overweight, and a fifth are obese.

    What if genomic editing could make those who have always struggled, thin again forever, without the need for invasive and risky surgical procedures - as if by magic? The first test subjects, and their journey. And specifically, Glenda Peters’ weight-loss journey.

    Everyone asks, what more can this technology do for us? As for Glenda, her life will change in more ways she could have imagined.

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