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Bay of Plenty




One Stone Two Birds

The BRO & BRO cartoon book is based on the stories and adventure of two cartoon characters Bro and Bro, aka Pukeko and Tui. They are New Zealand’s much loved native birds. This book is unique, humorous, educational and tickling your funny bone. Printed in New Zealand on recycled paper, this is a truly special book and a perfect gift to make everyone smile. Enjoy. FEATURES: 168 cartoons Stories of two Kiwi bros Unique NZ cartoon birds Hilarious and entertaining English phrases and Kiwi slangs Tickle your funny bone Educational resource For all ages - 183 pages - Colour printing - ISBN 978-0-473-49646-3 A GIFT FROM THE LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND ORDER ‘ONE STONE TWO BIRDS’ ON BROBRO.NZ