NZSA & Publishers Distribution (PDL) service

Members only service badgePlease note: Continue to submit books as they will be considered on the next intake in March 2022

NZSA is delighted to put the call out for submissions for new books that have not yet had book trade representation (i.e. you don’t yet have it in bookstores). If you have published a book in the last 12 months and are a member of NZSA, you are able to submit to the selection process.

Click here to see what books are already being distributed through the NZSA & PDL service!


The titles will be selected from books:

  • That have high standards of design and production
  • That have commercial sales potential
  • That have been published within the last 12 months
  • where the author has a strong publicity plan and is able to drive demand for the book

The Process

NZSA anticipate that PDL will carry circa 10-12 titles from NZSA self-published authors, per sales’ cycle (every 2 months).

NZSA will make the first selection (a longlist); then request a finished copy so we can check the production values through the book. If your book is selected for listing, you will receive a contract from us for PDL distribution via a central NZSA account with full details. This means PDL will deal with us, on your behalf, and we will liaise with you for sales information and payments.

If your book is selected for listing, the charge for inclusion in the PDL distribution list is $50 in 2021 (to cover administration costs – charge may change in future years). There is no charge for submitting your book to be assessed, but please ensure that the book you submit fits the criteria. Please email our team if you have further questions.

See below for some Frequently Asked Questions about the Programme.

How to submit your book for NZSA / PDL distribution opportunity

Information you must include in your book submission:

  • JPG, or PNG image: The book’s front cover only. (File size should be under 1mb.)
  • Blurb: A brief paragraph about the book. (270 characters max (including spaces)
  • Blurb: A brief paragraph about the author. (270 characters max (including spaces)
  • Publication date
  • Publisher / Imprint name
  • ISBN number
  • NZ RRP (New Zealand recommended retail price)
  • Author Website (where available)

Submit information about your book here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why bother with a distributor?
    This is a good question and one we recommend you asking yourself right at the beginning! We have more information on whether the programme might be right for you on our submission form. Bookstores OVERWHELMINGLY prefer to deal with distributors: it isn’t impossible to get stocked in stores without it but it will be a harder journey.
  • What stores would PDL sell my book into?
    PDL supplies bookshops, library suppliers and chains which carry books. They would not contact special non-trade stores, i.e. gardening wholesalers for a gardening shop
  • So once I have distribution, can I sit back and wait for the money to flow in?
    No! PDL does not do publicity, it is still your job as the publisher to drive demand for your book. You need a strong publicity plan, including reviews, media, and other ways to create interest for your book.
  • Why does the book have to be published in the last 12 months?
    If you have already released your book, contacted all bookshops and even sold direct to bookshops, this isn’t for you as it is unlikely stores will stock your book now and it is no good to anyone to have them sitting in PDL’s warehouse! We are not looking for backlist as this is unlikely to move.
  • How many books can I expect to sell?
    There is no way to answer this! But in New Zealand, even successful books with a huge amount of publicity, might only sell a couple of thousand copies. Start with the goal of being able to sell 50 books to stores through this programme and then scale up your ambitions and goals based on what you can do to generate sales and the feedback you get from customers.
  • Can I keep selling books myself?
    You can sell direct to customers (i.e. through a website) and take copies to sell at events (though festivals will usually have a bookseller who will want to have the books supplied through PDL). You CANNOT sell direct to bookstores because you have agreed to PDL being your distributor for all trade stores.
  • Can I change my mind?
    You can stop using PDL as your distributor if you wish but you must let NZSA know if this is your intention and you will need to pay the costs of having the stock returned to you. Only then can you begin approaching stores directly.
  • How do I get sales data, royalties etc?
    You will get a sales and royalty report twice yearly. NZSA is your ‘agent’ with PDL – all questions about your book need to come to us. If an NZSA author harasses PDL in anyway, or PDL report that they are getting multiple direct contacts, we will have to remove you from the programme.