NZSA Central Districts Short story competition results!


First: Hayley Solomon (Whanganui), “The Chosen One”
Second: Tony Chapelle (Palmerston North), “Islands”
Third: Antony Millen (Taumarunui ), “Aukati”

& Highly Commended:
David Hill (New Plymouth ), “On Special”
Angela Yeoman (the Wairarapa), “The Earth was Red”
Sean Monaghan (Palmerston North), “The Ocean Outside”


First: Sophie Thirsk (St Matthew’s Collegiate School, Masterton), “The Grandpa Walker”
Second: Katherine Spencer (New Plymouth Girls High School, New Plymouth), “The Waiting Game”
Third equal: Madeleine Forest (Wairarapa College), “To Enter?”
Third equal : Kadie Wilson (Freyberg High School, Palmerston North), “Over the Equator”

& Highly Commended:
Natalie Austin (St Matthews Collegiate School, Masterton), “Too Many Colours to Cope” and “Going out with a Bang”
Phoebe J H Livingston (New Plymouth Girls’ High School), “Out There”
Jean Campbell (Wairarapa College), “Staring Death in the Face”
Rayleigh O’Brien (Makoura College, Masterton), “In Sickness and in Health”

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