More Information on the Mentor Programme

The desired outcomes from the mentoring process are that the writer / graphic novelist is more able to:

  • utilise skills and awareness to self-critique their work;
  • work through the various drafts on their own to produce publishable work;
  • have confidence in their ability and worth as a writer / graphic novelist;
  • have learnt and gone some way towards perfecting the techniques of writing / illustrating;
  • have a project that is approaching a publishable quality;
  • develop tools and techniques that will assist them throughout their writing career;
  • gain a better understanding of the publishing industry;
  • achieve stated goals more easily.

Since its inception, the programme has had many successes.  Mentored projects including poetry collections, novels, and work for children have been accepted for publication and many graduates have gone on to develop successful careers in published writing.

The programme is designed to help new and emerging writers and graphic novelists to develop skills which will sustain them throughout their future career.  Working on a specific project, successful applicants will get an opportunity to discuss ideas and problems, practical and editorial, and benefit from the experience and knowledge of published writers.

Mentors give 25 hours for full mentorships and 12.5 hours for half mentorships up until mid-November. Some of these hours are for the mentor to read and write critiques and the rest is for communication with the mentee to discuss ideas and problems, provide practical and editorial advice and share the benefit of their experience as published writers. We have compiled a register of mentors which includes some of New Zealand’s most experienced writers, editors and creative writing tutors. We are also open to contacting a writer / graphic novelist who is not on our register to see if they are willing and have the time to take on a mentorship.

Mentoring can take place either face-to-face, by telephone, skype, email or a combination of these. Each mentee makes a plan with their mentor about the best way to communicate during the mentorship.

Applications are assessed by a selection committee of three experienced writers or graphic novelists.

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