The Author – July/August/September 2014298_JulyAugustSept2014_cover

  • President’s viewpoint – Decision time for our national election and our own organisation.
  • Chief Executive Report – Jackie Dennis reports on the state of the organisation and the continuing work in the National Office.
  • President of Honour – Daphne de Jong looks back on how things have changed for our organisation.
  • Draft Reform Proposals for Discussion – A must read for us all. If we don’t read and submit our opinions we don’t have the right to moan!
  • Geoff Walker – Geoff gives us the word on New Publishers filling the gaps. An exciting look at what can be done by passionate and committed people who love the written word.
  • Leilani Tamu – Leilani made a life changing decision and entered into our mentoring programme.
  • Siobhan Harvey – Siobhan talks about the joy of being a mentor.
  • Writers on Writers – Michael Morrissey writes about his most favourite writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.