Members only service badgeIf you are a current member of the New Zealand Society of Authors and are the author of a book that has been published in the last 12 months, you can submit to the selection process.

Please note: the final list for 2021 is being worked on now. Please continue to submit books but know that possible distribution for your title will not occur until 2022.

Titles for distribution will be selected from submitted books:

    • That have high standards of design and production
    • That have commercial sales potential
    • That have been published within the last 12 months

Consider whether this programme is right for you:

  • Costing: Please consider your production costs and your RRP. Via PDL distribution you will receive 30% of the RRP, i.e. if your book is RRP$30, you will receive approximately $9 per book sold (incl GST). How much is your book costing to produce? Remember that booksellers buy at between 40 and 50% off retail, with the average ‘trade discount’ at 45%.
  • Stock: Will this programme generate enough revenue for you to cover the costs of production and administration? You will most likely sell a modest quantity of books so if you are going to print for this programme do you have other ways to sell and distribute leftover copies? Are you printing on demand? PDL will take small shipments and reorder when needed.
  • Promotion: Distribution means that your book can be accessed for events and festivals and by library suppliers. You will need to provide a physical copy of the book and a New Title Information sheet if you reach the longlist. This will be used by PDL in sales kits. Once you can ensure trade supply to booksellers, you can confidently embark on promotion and publicity.
  • Non-exclusive: This deal does not stop you from selling books privately at events and speaking engagements.

Submitting your book for NZSA / PDL distribution opportunity

Information you need to include in your book submission:

  • JPG, or PNG image: The book’s front cover only. (File size should be under 1mb.)
  • Blurb: A brief paragraph about the book. (270 characters max (including spaces)
  • Blurb: A brief paragraph about the author. (270 characters max (including spaces)
  • Publication date
  • Publisher / Imprint name
  • ISBN number
  • NZ RRP (New Zealand recommended retail price)
  • Author Website

NZSA & Publishers Distribution Service (PDL) Submission

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg.
  • ISBN number
  • NZ Recommended retail price
  • Link to author website or publisher website. If you have neither of these, link to website where book can be purchased.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.