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    Geoff Chapple is part of the renegade 60s, 70s, 80s, that changed NZ. He's still restless as author, playwright, and journalist. His books include Rewi Alley of China; 1981: The Tour; New Zealand North to South; South; Te Araroa - The New Zealand trail (Montana Environment Prize 2003); A Walking Guide to Te Araroa; Terrain - Travels through a Deep Landscape (2015) His script-writing credits include co-writing Vincent Ward's The Navigator, and the opera 'Alley'. His play 'Hatch' featured in the Auckland Festival of the Arts 2007, and subsequently toured New Zealand and Tasmania.
    In 1994 he proposed a 3,000-km New Zealand-long tramping trail - Te Araroa. He then led the design, funding and building of the trail through to its opening in 2011. He stepped down from that leading role in 2012, and Te Araroa Trust voted him the title 'trail founder'.






    Geoff Chapple set out on a year-long journey to seek out the shifting forces that shape New Zealand's landscapes. For company, he chose to walk with geologists and the artisans who work the rock. The journey took him back through geology's global history and onward from end to end of New Zealand.

    Terrain is the result – a lucid, personal and sometimes funny account of New Zealand's most astonishing landscapes. Their stories and revelations are a prompt to look more closely at the ground we walk on.

    1981: The Tour

    In 1981, The New Zealand Rugby Union called in a tour by a South African rugby team. Tensions erupted into violence as the Kiwis protested the NZRFU’s breaking of an international boycott on apartheid sport, and Prime Minister Robert Muldoon’s generally repressive political regime. The tour became the focus of a huge protest over months, and the book documents that protest end to end of New Zealand.

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