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Searching for a publisher for your completed manuscript? Sign up for Perfect Online Pitch. This is your opportunity to pitch your (polished) manuscript to a leading New Zealand publisher and, if successful, to submit your full manuscript. All genres are accepted as long as the work is relevant to the specific genres each publisher is currently seeking.

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Registration Opening Time

Registrations for Perfect Online Pitch will re-open at 3pm on Monday 24 July and close at 5pm, Tuesday 25 July. The form will be available then via the registration button above.

How will the Perfect Online Pitch work?

  • You will be allocated a 5-minute appointment, one-on-one, to pitch your completed work to your chosen publisher. This appointment will take place on Zoom on Tuesday 15, Wednesday 16 or Thursday 17 August 2023. Appointments will be available according to this schedule. Please see below for the list of publishers and pitching times.
  • Once booked in, we will add you to the pitching schedule for your chosen publisher and will email with Zoom meeting invitations and your individual appointment time one week before the event. If you do not receive this, please contact
  • At the time of your appointment, you will be admitted to the meeting ‘room’ and will then have five minutes of pitching time with the publisher.
  • Screensharing will not be permitted during the five minutes – the appointments are intended to be elevator pitches, not presentations.
  • The publishers will have a ‘matching’ sheet for all the authors they meet on the day. If you are a ‘match’, you will be invited to send your manuscript (or other requested information) to the publisher after the event. We request that this advice will be sent by the NZSA within a week of the event.
  • Once material is submitted to the publisher, we request they advise you whether they are interested in pursuing a relationship with you within three months of the pitch date.
  • Please do not request publisher feedback or contact details during your five minutes.

Before booking

  • Do your research on publishers. Ensure you understand what kind of manuscripts the attending representatives are seeking and ensure you are comfortable pitching your work to them.
  • Only book into a pitching slot if the representative is seeking the kind of material you intend to pitch, i.e., do not pitch a picture book to a publisher seeking non-fiction.
  • Your pitch must be for a completed manuscript, not an idea. If you are successful in your pitch, the publisher will request to read your completed manuscript.
  • If your manuscript is not complete or you are not comfortable in providing it at present, please continue working on your project and attend a POP at a later date when your work is completed.
  • Ensure you are ready to and available to attend your appointments. We will not schedule follow-up sessions with publishers if you cannot attend.
  • Booking cancellations must be received by 6 August. We are unable to amend the pitching schedules after this time and you will appear as a no-show for your appointment. If you decide not to attend, please consider others on the waiting list and advise us with as much notice as possible.

Application process and rules

  • Applications will re-open from 3pm on Monday 24 July and close at 5pm on Tuesday 25 July. (or when the limit is reached).
  • Apply to your chosen publisher. One pitch per person per round of Perfect Online Pitch. 
  • You must pay to confirm your entry. Payment must be made within 24 hours.
  • Once your entry has been submitted successfully, you are emailed a copy of your entry. Please check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see the email.
  • There are limited places available with each publisher. We will accept applications by date of application assuming the form has been correctly filled in. If the booking for a publisher has closed, email to join the waitlist. (We will email you if a place becomes available.)
  • Once payment has been received, we will send you details about the pitching session.
  • Pitchers will be notified by Monday 7 August.
  • Pitching sessions will be held between Tuesday 15 – Thursday 17 August.


You must have:

  • a current NZSA Membership
  • a completed, unpublished manuscript that can be provided (in full) to the publisher if requested
  • a manuscript that matches the genre/readership that is being actively sought by the publisher
  • ability to use Zoom in a fast-paced environment (if you are a little rusty on Zoom or haven’t used it in a while, do a test run beforehand)
  • paid the fee of $35 incl GST
  • one pitch per person per round of Perfect Online Pitch. 


  • previously self-published or traditionally published work
  • any manuscript you have previously submitted to the selected publisher.

If you are uncertain about whether you are eligible or if it is appropriate to pitch, please contact us at before booking.

Any tips for pitching?

  • You have a maximum of five minutes face-to-face time. Be as succinct and to the point as possible. Be flexible, as publishers may have questions for you during the five minutes.
  • Successful applications will be provided with the ASA Selling Your Manuscript resource.

Publishers for Perfect Online Pitch August 2023

10am – 11am, Tuesday 15 August

Bateman Books

Rep: Louise Russell


  • Original, on-point, funny junior fiction series;
  • Engaging YA fiction that reflects cultural diversity and/or tackles issues most critical for young people today, e.g. gender identity, climate change, online addiction or bullying/social media pressure;
  • Non-fiction for children of all ages that tackle relevant subjects, potentially tying in with new school curriculum;
  • High-quality crime, historical fiction or general contemporary commercial fiction;
  • Quality non-fiction from writers with a particular specialist knowledge.

11am – 12pm, Tuesday 15 August

One Tree House – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Christine Dale

Seeking: Works that have been edited and prefer those that have worked with skilled manuscript assessors. Novels: either Junior Fiction or YA. Preferences for strong female characters and relevance to today’s readers. Junior fiction to be on topics of problem-solving, fitting in, social media and can be humorous or serious. YA fiction needs to be on topics that reflect diversity and tackles topics such as FOMO, first loves – not forever love, inclusion and acceptances, family dynamics, and overcoming adversity. We are also interested in crime-solving, whodunnits at this level. Picture books: No more than 900 words, preferably prose, featuring human characters rather than animals and topics that are dear to young hearts such as fairness, sibling rivalry, food, starting school or learning from other cultures.

12:30pm – 1:30pm, Tuesday 15 August

Allen & Unwin – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Michelle Hurley and Tess Nichol


  • Commercial fiction – can be any genre including contemporary, literary, crime, historical or romance (quality) but not interested in science fiction or horror.
  • Non-fiction – including narrative non-fiction, memoir, lifestyle (gardening, cookbooks, etc, may not be relevant), well-being and mental health, popular history and popular science.

2:30pm – 3:30pm, Tuesday 15 August

Auckland University Press

Rep: Sam Elworthy

Seeking: Adult non-fiction, particularly writing in Te Reo Māori; manuscripts on te ao Māori; history; art; natural history.

3:30pm – 4:30pm, Tuesday 15 August

Te Herenga Waka University Press – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Craig Gamble and Ashleigh Young


  • Te Herenga Waka University Press publishes literary fiction and non-fiction, poetry, and scholarly non-fiction. Most of our authors live in Aotearoa New Zealand and/or their work is suitable primarily for a local audience. Please note that we are not able to consider submissions from overseas writers whose work does not have a connection with Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Scholarly non-fiction in particular should be suitable primarily for a New Zealand audience. A connection with Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is an advantage but not a necessity.
  • We do not publish young adult or children’s fiction. We rarely take on straight genre fiction such as fantasy, crime and romance. We also do not publish very short works of non-fiction or fiction (usually, anything shorter than approximately 20,000 words).

10am – 11am, Wednesday 16 August

The Cuba Press – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Mary McCallum

Seeking: We are looking for strong genre fiction: historical, crime and speculative fiction with ripping storylines and strong purposeful prose like Mrs Jewell and the Wreck of the General Grant; and we love non-illustrated biographies, like our book about writer and activist Blanche Baughan – untold stories about interesting New Zealanders that are primarily text with some photographs. But we are also looking for creative non-fiction that takes readers in unexpected directions like Dad, You’ve Got Dementia by Kristen Phillips. We like work that has been workshopped or gone through an editor so the writer has had to confront their own writing and work harder to make it the best it can be before it gets to us.

11am – 12pm, Wednesday 16 August

Mākaro Press – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Mary McCallum

Seeking: We’re looking for literary fiction and verse novels, where the storytelling hinges on how it is told – via such things as the language and structure, voice or point of view – rather than the plot. Very keen to see work by Māori, Pasifika and Asian NZ writers. We like work that has been workshopped or gone through an editor so the writer has had to confront their own writing and work harder to make it the best it can be before it gets to us, but also happy just to see work that a writer feels confident enough to send us.

12:30pm – 2:30pm, Wednesday 16 August

Penguin Random House – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Harriet Allan (fiction), Claire Murdoch (non-fiction)

Seeking: We’re interested in adult literary and commercial fiction, except traditional crime, science-fiction, fantasy, or horror. We’re excited to hear from authors with fresh, unique non-fiction books for the general market in a wide range of genres, from memoir and biography to creative non-fiction, Te Ao Māori, art and architecture, history (but no family or local histories, please!), self-help, true crime, humour, cookery, gardening, business/motivation, self-help and current affairs. We have a special commitment to publishing Māori and Pasifika writers, as well as new authors reflecting Aotearoa New Zealand’s diverse population. We’re not able to consider manuscripts from authors outside Aotearoa, unless they have a particular connection or relevance to this place.

2:30pm – 3:30pm, Wednesday 16 August

Scholastic – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Lynette Evans

Seeking: Fresh, quirky, inventive, heartwarming or humorous stories that children will have fun reading. These can range from picture book submissions in either prose or well-rendered rhyme to compelling Middle Grade / Junior fiction series or, if an author-illustrator talent, in the young Graphic Novel genre. Stories can be populated with characters and scenes that are Aotearoa-specific, or with global themes and settings.

3:30pm – 4:30pm, Wednesday 16 August


Rep: Carolyn Lagahetau

Seeking: Oratia invites submissions for our adult and children’s book lists. For adult books we invite submissions in the genres of history, Māori, Pasifika and general non-fiction; for children’s we seek picture book and non-fiction submissions. Please visit our website for guidelines, and also check out our 2023 catalogue.

9am – 10am, Thursday 17 August

Little Moa

Rep: Alison Shucksmith

Seeking: Little Moa is looking for books targeted at children from newborns to those finishing primary school. Are about New Zealand children’s experience and with less than 3000 words.

12:30pm – 1:30pm, Thursday 17 August

Moa Press – CLOSED – FULL

Rep: Kate Stephenson

Seeking: I’m looking for excellent storytelling with an irresistible hook – something that I can easily pitch to readers in a couple of lines. I publish a broad range of fiction and non-fiction, and while you never know exactly what you’re looking for as a publisher, amongst other things, I’d love to find a gripping thriller, a love story with a distinctive setting or twist on the genre, a new fantasy series (ideally with dragons), an unforgettable memoir, and a compelling smart non-fiction book.

Register for Perfect Online Pitch

Register for Perfect Online Pitch


Please note that registrations for Perfect Online Pitch will re-open at 3pm on Monday 24 July and close at 5pm on Tuesday 25 July. The form will be available then via the registration button above.