NZSA Lilian Ida Smith Award

Next open for applications in 2020

The Lilian Ida Smith Award provides the successful applicant with an award of $3000 to assist them towards completion of a specific project.

The Lilian Ida Smith Award was initiated when Lilian Ida Smith, a music teacher of Whanganui who had a keen interest in the arts, left part of her legacy to the NZ Society of Authors to ‘assist people aged 35yrs and over to embark upon or further a literary career’. (Applicants are expected to be either in the early stages of their writing career, or someone whose opportunities to fulfill their potential have been limited.)
The first award was made in 1986. The amount of the award is obtained by accumulating interest on the capital of the bequest. The award is only open to financial members of the NZ Society of Authors who are aged 35 years or over.

Lillian Ida Smith Guidelines 2017

Lilian Ida Smith Application Form

Lilian Ida Smith Award recipients to 2017

This award is run once every three years and runs next in 2020