Online Dictionaries

  • The Free Dictionary – A comprehensive dictionary available in multiple languages, this resource also includes a thesaurus, acronyms, abbreviations, idioms, and also translation and reference links with each definition example.
  • Your Dictionary – An easy to use dictionary that provides instant and concise definitions, with sentence examples. It also provides a comprehensive thesaurus, quotes and access to reference material, from grammar rules and usage, through to abbreviations, books and literature.
  • OneLook – This resource accesses multiple online dictionaries with each word search, from general usage through to specific research areas such as art, medical and science. From here, you follow the link to the dictionary definition of your choice.
  • Maori Dictionary – A fantastic tool for English-Te Reo translations of individual words. The comprehensive definitions include idioms, phrases and proverbs.
  • – For when you have brain freeze.
  • Urban Dictionary – Dictionary of slang.
  • Dictionary of Cockney Rhyming Slang
  • Pseudodictionary – Dictionary of made up words.
  • Online Etymology Dictionary – Lists the origins of words from the English Language.

Device Apps: Apps are constantly changing and updating. Currently we can recommend ‘’ for a one touch comprehensive dictionary, thesaurus and translator. It includes trending words, and a fun ‘Word of the Day’.

Editing & Grammar

  • Find a Cliché – A no-frills, basic text website that provides a list of clichés from a key word.
  • The English Club – Aimed at both learners and teachers of English, this site provides an easy to understand resource regarding grammatical terms, English usage and examples.
  • The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation – A great reference site for American grammar and punctuation usage, including commonly confused words.

Encyclopedias and Reference

  • Wikipedia – Currently one of the most popular online encyclopedias, this is a detailed, multilingual resource, but can however, be edited and updated by anyone.
  • DigitalNZ – a free search engine, that eliminates the need to visit multiple sites and provides access to reliable information about NZ culture and history. Allows for a single search of multiple sites including Te Ara, NZHistory, RNZ, Te Papa, Nga Taonga Sound and Vision, NZETC.
  • Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand – Available in both English and Te Reo, this New Zealand resource contains historical overviews, stories arranged in sections, a key word search and blog.
  • How Stuff Works – Looking for fascinating or weird facts about any subject? You can spend hours here!
  • The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre – A digital library of New Zealand and Pacific Island recent and heritage material from Victoria University.


Google Translate – Quick, efficient as-you-write translations into more than eighty languages. Ultimately no replacement for the services of an actual human being, but accurate enough for individual words.

Quotations and Proverbs

  • Brainy Quote – Instantly finds you a quote by word, author or topic. Great resource.
  • The Phrase Finder – Discover a multitude of proverbs and phrases from a single word, or search under a specific subject or author. This site also offers meanings and origins, famous last words and a phrase thesaurus.

Writing Scams

For more information about writing scams, simply type in the name of the publisher, agent or competition + scam in Google and it will find it for you. Or you can visit:

  • Writer Beware – Sponsored by, among others, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, this site supplies warnings and advice about scam publishers, agents and contests, and a list of alerts for writers and aspiring writers worldwide.
  • General Guidelines & Tips on Avoiding Scams


Writing Tutors

Writers who offer tutoring services – grouped by region.

NZ Writers Organisations

Organisations and associations that represent and act as a resource for specific disciplines, genres and specialties.

Writing Festivals and Book Fairs

Literary festivals and events … chronological listed at Coalition for Books

Online & NZ-based courses

Click here for our list of online and New Zealand-based courses.

Guides and Tutorials

Best Practice Guide – a guide for screenwriters and producers working together.  The Guide is a collaboration between NZWG and SPADA (in association with the NZFC) and was developed to support the inaugural cohort of the Creative Collaboration in Action Programme.