About NZSA


The New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi o Aotearoa (PEN NZ Inc.) was established in 1934 as the New Zealand PEN Centre and remains to this day the principal organisation for New Zealand authors. It is an Incorporated Society and an approved non-profit organisation in accordance with Section DJ 17 of the Income Tax Act 1994. The New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi o Aotearoa (PEN NZ Inc.) is a membership-based arts organisation, representing over 1,800 writers nationally through our five regions, eight branches and many hubs. In 2022 NZSA voted to stand up a 9th Māori branch which to be launched in 2023.

Much of what we do benefits all writers whether they are members of the NZSA or not. Our consultancy service, our lobbying and advocacy activities, and our professional development publications and information leaflets are of benefit to the entire literary community.

Our membership continues to steadily grow – from 1,280 in 2009 to 1,825 plus currently – largely due to the expansion of our programmes, awards and services, the increasing number of membership benefits that we offer, and our strong voice of advocacy for writers and creative rights.

The membership structure includes Full Membership for established, published writers; Associate Membership for unpublished writers; Student Members who pay a reduced fee if currently studying (Student ID required); and Affiliate/Corporate Membership for companies or sister organisations.

Here are copies of our Constitution, and our Annual Plan 2023 based on the NZSA Strategic Plan 2022-2025


Banner image: Wellington Writers Walk. Quote by Lauris Edmond from ‘The Active Voice’ in Scenes from a Small City, Daphne Brasell Associates Press, 1994

“It’s true you can’t live here by chance,
you have to do and be, not simply watch
or even describe. This is the city of action,
the world headquarters of the verb –”