Literary Agents

best-seller-158885_1280A literary agent acts as a mediator between writer and publisher by managing a writer’s business affairs.

Agents operate on commission only due on sales actually made. Be very careful about people acting as agents who charge a fee for selling your book. This is not the normal practice. To find out if an agent is good we recommend you talk to other writers.

The New Zealand Association of Literary Agents (NZALA) was established to maintain professional standards. All NZALA members subscribe to a code of ethics. If in doubt, check our Writers Toolkit page.

For more information about Agents see our leaflet Getting help with your Manuscript (contact for more information) or our booklet Getting Published, which is available from our Online Bookshop.

List of Agents  

Digital Marketing

Social Media

TwitterLogo_#55aceeSelf-publishing your first book? Digital marketing, especially through social media, can be an affordable and effective means of marketing your book and yourself.

Social media is an invaluable component of self-marketing. Among the countless social media networks, Twitter has become the most distinguished as a popular and effective promotional tool for writers.

New Zealand Book Council

Here is a link to the NZBC site, a 2019 kit to support marketing and running literary events around New Zealand.

Author Websites

No matter what kind of writer you are – fiction, non-fiction, freelance, poet – you can benefit from having a website. A website can be a means of building a relationship with your readers, letting your readers learn about you, and providing a place to sell and promote your work.

A website doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. You can keep it simple. WordPress is often recommended as a hosting platform because it’s author friendly, easy to use and easy for people to find (good search capabilities). Other popular hosting platforms include Drupal, and Joomla.

Amazon Author Central

kindleAuthor Central allows authors to create their own profile pages within the digital marketplace and facilitates interaction with potential customers. In addition to a brief personal bio, Author Central can display information about your work, blog posts, and acts as a platform for feedback and interaction with readers.