NZSA CompleteMS Manuscript Assessment Programme


This programme is supported by Creative New Zealand and is open to financial members of the NZSA.

The aim of the programme is to provide writers with that essential critical feedback on an advanced work, moving it closer to publication.  Manuscripts should be at 2nd or 3rd draft and can be poetry, fiction, short fiction or non-fiction; the emphasis is on a completed work that the writer feels requires the objective view of an experienced assessor who can provide constructive critiquing and suggestions for improvement and refinement. 13 CompleteMS assessments available.

Applications for 2020 programme open 1 March

Applications for the NZSA CompleteMS Programme are available as online forms. You need to fill out the online form and pay the application fee. (If you are a new member and have not yet received your membership number, write ‘new member’ for the membership question in the form.)

Important information for 2020 applications. Due to issues around Covid-19, applications to this programme are now online only. We do NOT require printed versions of your application. 

CompleteMS Programme application form

CompleteMS Programme Information

NZSA Assessors list

Here’s what two of our writers had to say about their CompleteMS assessment.

“An assessment can pick up a manuscript, give it a shake-up and a new eye and give a writer a different direction and a boost for their work.”

“If any writer is harbouring doubts about where to take his/her manuscript, the CompleteMS programme provides a handy compass.”

This programme is made possible thanks to support from Creative New Zealand

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More info about applying for CompleteMS (including guidelines for writing a synopsis)