NZSA New Books Bulletin

The NZSA New Books Bulletin is a monthly compilation of new books, available for purchase. submitted by members, that is emailed to NZSA members and book industry stakeholders. New books list is also sent on by Booksellers to all book shops and outlets on their database.

If you are a current member of the New Zealand Society of Authors and would like your latest release included in the next issue please fill out the submission form below.

Members can submit one book per issue of the New Books Bulletin. Multiple books will need to go into separate issues of the New Books Bulletin

Information that you need to have to complete the submission form

  1. A JPG, or PNG image: The book’s front cover (we don’t need back cover).
  2. A Blurb: 1-2 brief paragraphs about the book. (Character limit 350, which is approx 150 words)
  3. Available: Include relevant information about where your book can be purchased. If your book is available to purchase online, include the html links. (Character limit 300). New books need to be available to purchase at the time the monthly email goes out
  4. Publisher name (where relevant)
  5. ISBN number
  6. Price
  7. Author’s Bio: 1-3 sentences about you. We don’t need a full CV – just the edited highlights. NB: A link to a website is not a bio. (Character limit 230, which is approx 100 words)

Questions? Contact Claire Hill:

New Books Bulletin Submission Form

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