NZSA Webworkshops – a series of webinars to enable ongoing professional development

This series kicked off with some workshops planned for the NZSA National Writer’s Forum 2020, featuring writers and industry professionals offering virtual workshops on topics such as self-publishing, romance writing, poetry, structure, short stories, pitching, contract advice, dystopian writing and the business of writing.

All Webworkshops are hosted on Zoom. Zoom is free to download 

Learn more about what to expect in a Webworkshop in this article from the NZ Author magazine – Spring 2020


“I think that a workshop is such a beautiful idea – an environment in which writers who are collectively apprenticed to the craft of writing can come together in order to collectively improve”. – Eleanor Catton

Webworkshops – 2022 season


Off-page/Onstage – Freya Daly Sadgrove

6pm to 8pm, (postponed, will be rescheduled to take place in 2023)

Drawing on her experience in various modes of live performance, Freya will take you through tips and tricks to get confident and comfortable sharing your work at events and festivals. Bring along a finished piece of writing and get ready to explore ways to bring it to life in front of an audience.

Freya Daly Sadgrove is a pākehā writer and performer born in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, currently living on Gadigal Country in Sydney, Australia. Her writing has appeared in various online and print publications in Aotearoa, Australia and the US. Her first poetry collection, Head Girl, was published in February 2020 with Te Herenga Waka University Press. She is currently developing a live poetry/music/dance/theatre hybrid show called Whole New Woman.
Freya is also the engine behind live poetry event Show Ponies, whose euphoric inception was described as “a watershed moment for poetry in performance in Wellington”. Show Ponies has since performed to sold out crowds at Verb Wellington, Featherston Booktown, Brisbane Writers Festival – with new productions coming up at NZ Young Writers Festival and Verb 2022.


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“Can I just say that I am so enjoying these online classes – so much better than having to go out in the cold, wrestle for a park etc. Please keep providing these! I live part of the time on a farm and it is just so wonderful to be able to participate in these sorts of things when I am not in the city. Makes all the difference!”

Past Webworkshops

  • Take your novel to the next level – get your manuscript assessed – Sue Reidy
  • Getting Through the Hoops – Siobhan Harvey, Mikaela Nyman, Gigi Fenster
  • The Business of Being a Writer – Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod
  • Mixing it up: Genre Mash-Ups – Angelique Kasmara
  • Creative Rights for Creative People – Karen Workman
  • Research for Writers: where and how to find the info you need – Philippa Werry
  • Narrative Poetry: Writing your story-poem – Anne Kennedy
  • World of wonder: Microfiction and prose poetry – Michelle Elvy
  • Psychology for Writers – Darian Smith
  • The End of the Line – an introduction – Joanna Preston
  • Hearing Voices: Bring your fiction alive through dialogue – Catherine Robertson
  • Short and Sharper – Taking your flash fiction a step further – Jack Cottrell
  • License to Steal – Lynley Edmeades
  • Pitching, and getting your pitch accepted – Ataria Sharman
  • Introductory to Memoir Writing – Maria de Jong
  • Take your stories to the world, the self-publishing way – Cassie Hart
  • Book promotion for authors – Caroline Barron
  • Crossing the Line or Staying Within It? Exploring Hybrid Forms – Diane Brown
  • Editing for Authors – Anna Mackenzie
  • Writing Your First Young Adult Novel – Fleur Beale
  • Getting your manuscript assessed – Sue Reidy
  • Conflict is a narrative necessity – Terese Svoboda
  • Tea & Chat with crime writer Liam Mcllvanney
  • Using Amazon ads to find your readers – Deb Potter
  • Exploring poetic repetition – Lynn Davidson
  • Tackling the ‘School Visit’ – Melinda Szymanik
  • Writing Action: The Emotional and Dramatic Moment – Paula Morris
  • Poetry’s Bare Essentials – with David Eggleton
  • The Business of Writing – with Nalini Singh
  • Starting Right: Drawing Readers into your World – with Bren MacDibble
  • From the First Sentence: A Workshop on Crime Writing – with Paddy Richardson
  • Introduction to Flash Fiction: The what, why and when of it – with Michelle Elvy
  • Ethical Storytelling – with Pip Desmond
  • Picture Book Magic – with Kyle Mewburn
  • Novel 101 – with Paula Morris
  • Poetry Masterclass – with Siobhan Harvey
  • The short story: character, setting, voice – with Catherine Chidgey
  • Writing as Manaakitanga – with Whiti Hereaka
  • Who Are You? Tina Shaw on Creating a Successful Protagonist
  • Getting through the hoops – with Siobhan Harvey, Geoff Walker, and Geraldine Warren
  • Making author life work for you – with James Russell
  • Psychology for Writers – with Darian Smith