Rejoining and Renewing Members

Thank you for choosing to be part of the New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi o Aotearoa (PEN NZ Inc)

We really value your membership and are looking forward to continuing to provide you with access to our programmes, awards and services and to advocate on your behalf when you rejoin/renew your membership with us.   

If you’d like a refresh on what the NZSA offers its members, you can see a full list of benefits available to you as a member on our website and can also review the membership terms and conditions.


Review your membership type

This is a good time to consider whether your membership type is right for you. Please see below to explore your options 

Membership Type
Full Membership This is suitable if you’re a published writer.
Associate Member This membership is suitable if you’re an emerging writer.
Student Member This membership is suitable if you are currently enrolled in a recognised writing course or attending high school. Please note that you need to be 16 years or older to join.
Affiliate Member This membership is suitable if you’re an organisation or corporate who wishes to support the work of the NZSA.

What do we mean by a ‘published writer’?

A published writer is someone who has written one or more of the following:

  • At least one book that has been published and made available for purchase in New Zealand by an established publisher; 
  • At least one book that they themselves have published and made available for purchase in New Zealand; 
  • More than five shorter works of fiction or non-fiction that have been published by a recognised publisher or which they themselves have published and which indicate an intention by that author to be seen as a writer of professional standing; 
  • Written a play or other script that has been produced on stage, radio, television, a recognised internet platform, or other medium, or lyrics that have been published with a musical score; or 
  • Written a work or works or otherwise engaged in activities that indicate an intention on the part of that person, to be seen as a writer of professional standing, or show that person to be a strong supporter of, or participant in, the profession or craft of writing 

Please note our membership is open to all New Zealand citizens and/or residents living here or aboard.


Membership Type Annual Fee (incl GST) Plus print copy of quarterly NZ Author (incl GST)
Full Membership $140 $155
Associate Member $140 $155
Student Member $70 $85
Affiliate Member $200 $215

Please note:

Membership is for twelve months and can be paid in one annual amount or monthly by AP. To work out the amount due per month, divide your annual amount into 12 payments.

  • If you are joining to apply for any of our opportunities which require membership (e.g. CompleteMS), you need to pay the annual amount. For future renewals, you can pay monthly.
  • Payment can be made via online banking or PayPal.
  • We offer a four-week trial period. If membership is cancelled during this time your payment will be refunded (minus a 20% administration fee).
  • Overseas members will receive all communications from the NZSA electronically.

How to reactivate/renew your membership

To renew your membership or re-join the NZSA, please pay your annual fee. Now is also a great time to update your profile information. Please see below for instructions.

Payment information

You can pay your membership subscription renewal by these methods: 

  1. Via online banking and bank deposit our details are: BNZ, The New Zealand Society of Authors. Account number: 02 0112 0045385 00. Please write your name in the details line. 
  1. Via Paypal:
  • Go to Send and Request. 
  • Enter and click Next. 
  • Enter the amount, choose the currency and click Continue. 
  • If available, choose your payment type. 
  • Choose how you want to pay and click Next. 
  • Review the information and click Send. 

Paying in instalments

You can now spread your annual renewal over the year (12 payments). To work out the amount due each period, divide your payment by 12 depending on which option you are choosing. Please set up an AP for this amount including your name, APRENEW and membership number. 

If you have any other queries, please email us at 

Updating your profile

Once you have made your payment you can modify your details via the profile page. Please note you will need to be logged in to do this. If you have forgotten your password, please click on forgot password and reset. For information on how to login or reset your password please check these instructions

Update your profile


If you haven’t been a member for several years, you may need to use the ‘join us’ form to sign up. If you’re not sure, please try to login If your email is recognised, you can visit Renewing and Rejoining Members and follow the instructions there.