Lindy Davis








The Golden Scarab

'The Golden Scarab' is an adventure story that blends the innocent calmness of a small seaside community with the dark underworld of international criminals. Oliver Berry is a naturally inquisitive teenager who visits his local museum to view an exhibition of artefacts. He inadvertently stumbles on a plot to steal priceless Egyptian artefacts on temporary loan from the Museum of Cairo. An adventure story with a pace that will keep young readers guessing all the way.

The Golden Scarab's Secret

The Golden Scarab's Secret is the second book in the Golden Scarab series. The story continues as Oliver and his friend Jake successfully intercept an international plot to steal and replicate priceless artefacts on loan from the Museum of Cairo. Oliver and Jake soon learn about the dark secrets hidden within the walls of the city of Cairo. Unaware they are being followed, it's a race against time to save Egypt's most cherished and powerful artefact. Mistaken identities and dangerous associations hinder Oliver’s ability to stay focused on his goal – to see the Golden Scarab back in the museum. Quite apart from its obvious value as a significant part of Egyptian history – it has an important secret of its own.

The Quay to the Cove - Coastal Cuisine

A lifestyle cookbook about British entrepreneur Lloyd Rooney, combining over 70 recipes from his popular Northland eateries, The Cove and The Quay. Published New Holland Dec 2016.

Global Kitchen

A collection of recipes from exceptional coastal New Zealand restaurants. 'Global Kitchen' combines multi-cultural cuisine from the South Pacific, India, South America, Asia and Europe. In addition to 70 superbly crafted recipes, the cookbook explores the personal journeys and culinary passions of 6 head chefs on a mission to make their restaurant the best in the region. Published New Holland October 2019