Rex McGregor

Rex McGregor is a New Zealand playwright. His short comedies have been produced on four continents from New York and London to Sydney and Chennai. He is the author of Girls on the Brink: Seven female-forward plays for young adults (YouthPLAYS, 2016), Grow Up, Girls (YouthPLAYS, 2015), Brink Time (YouthPLAYS, 2015), Margaret Thatcher Changes the World (Lazy Bee Scripts, 2015), Laugh with Jesus: the Funniest Comedian of All Time (CreateSpace /  Pressed Leaf Press, 2012) and Cuisine for Angels: tantalizing recipes to entice the bringers of happiness into your life (CreateSpace / Pressed Leaf Press, 2012). Website: Agent: Playmarket


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Cuisine for Angels: tantalizing recipes to entice the bringers of happiness into your life

If you want to attract birds into your garden, you scatter bread on your lawn. If you want monarch butterflies, you plant milkweed for them to feed on. And, following the same strategy, if you want to be visited by angels, you should offer them a banquet they can’t resist. The trick is to supply the right food. Angels are ethereal beings with particularly refined appetites. It’s no good expecting them to eat anything tangible. They can’t digest even the lightest cotton candy. The nourishment they crave is of a spiritual nature. So that’s what this book will help you prepare: feasts of delicious spirituality that will bring hosts of guardian angels flocking to your household! It’s as easy as pie. You don’t even have to go shopping for ingredients. Everything you need is readily available in your own heart.

Grow Up, Girls

In The Girl Who Would Rather Not Grow Up Just Yet, the first of three takes on coming of age that can also stand on their own, Wendy is a spoiled 16-year-old with a severe case of Peter Pan syndrome. A high school principal and two of her students deal with the aftermath of a cyberbullying case in Refloat Our Whale. And in Grow Up, Juliet, just as Shakespeare’s heroine is ready to join Romeo in death, she learns she is the victim of an elaborate hoax. ISBN-13: 978-1620883150

Margaret Thatcher Changes the World

One-act comedy. The 13th Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh four years ago were a disaster. 32 countries stayed away. Now in 1990 the 14th Games in Auckland look set to be a success. Nearly every eligible country is taking part. But that’s not enough for Margaret Thatcher. She wants more.

Brink Time

In this quartet of shorts that explores the worlds of young characters and the dramatic impact of sudden change, the last California grizzly is on the brink of extinction; an Afghan girl is on the brink of adolescence; a brother and sister are on the brink of an adventure, and in the distant future, a teenage girl and her great-great-great-great-great-grandfather are on the brink of immortality. ISBN-13: 978-1620885772

Girls on the Brink: Seven female-forward plays for young adults

A collection of short plays about coming of age and the dramatic impact of sudden change on young lives. From a new take on Romeo and Juliet to an Afghan girl whose days as a boy are at an end to a futuristic tale of living forever, these seven diverse plays all explore that precarious moment when young people find themselves on the brink of life. ISBN: 978-1620885840

Stage Journeys : 10 Short Plays from New Zealand

STAGE JOURNEYS is a collection of 10 award-winning New Zealand plays, each 10 minutes long with no more than 3 onstage characters. This collaboration, written by 9 talented New Zealand playwrights, offers a tantalising selection of genres and styles, suitable for all audiences. Each writer promises to take you on a rollercoaster ride of theatrical delight—from comedy through to drama and beyond. With slick plots and dialogue which jumps from the page, these plays are begging to be performed. A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY by Paula Crimmens. A love affair ends against the backdrop of the Second World War. THE REUNION by Tim Hambleton. Two men in their mid-30s meet at a school reunion. Each tries to outdo the other as they talk about how successful they have been. BORDER CONTROL by Richard Prevett. A male tourist arriving at a New Zealand airport. FORGET ME NOT by Kerrie Anne Spicer. An elderly couple discover the true meaning of ‘for better or for worse’. SURFING IN MUNICH by Rex McGregor. As Paddy says when he meets Sarah at an airport baggage claim carousel, “Tings can happen in the most unlikeliest o’ places”. HIDING BEHIND THE TEACUP by Richard Bull. Betty loves her tea. She loves her husband too. Her life seems to revolve around tea. But all is not as it seems... THE DENTIST'S BILL by June Allen. It’s a very expensive business going to the dentist. BAGGAGE by Kerrie Anne Spicer. Flying is stressful enough, but for these two strangers, even getting on the plane is a major problem—a rather weighty one! INTERVIEW by Richard C Harris. When Jake goes for a job interview, he receives some enlightening advice from another candidate. TOKEN OF FRIENDSHIP by Nataliya Oryshchuk. Carol attempts to befriend an Eastern European immigrant Miroslava as part of the new Staff Wellbeing Unit initiative. There is a chocolate fish at stake… ISBN: 978-1517375553

Laugh with Jesus: The Funniest Comedian of All Time

In 1966 John Lennon caused an uproar when he said the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus now.” But neither he nor any other savvy showbiz pro has ever claimed to be funnier. Jesus Christ is the greatest comic genius the world has ever known. The first section of this book focuses on the maestro’s extensive repertoire. We open with a detailed analysis of the original stand-up comedy routine (the Sermon on the Mount). Up next: our star’s classic jokes, witty one-liners, ultra-succinct novels, crackerjack repartee, ingenious pranks and cutting-edge satire. Don’t miss the knockabout physical humor, cockamamie clowning and hilarious food gags. The second section traces the champ's career from rookie gigs on the Galilean circuit to his breakthrough into the big time, playing the Palace in Jerusalem. Stick around for the side-splitting posthumous encores. The Ultimate Comeback presents a unique complete reconstruction of what happened on the original Easter Sunday, incorporating all four Gospel accounts. Every apparent inconsistency is satisfactorily resolved. Full credit goes to Jesus for his wonderful work in organizing the day’s activities.