James Norcliffe

My short fiction and poetry have been published worldwide in over one hundred journals including in New Zealand in Landfall, Islands and Sport. My short fiction for children has been anthologised in many collections including among others ZigZag, The Body in the Driveway, Falling in Love, The First Time, Weird and Wonderful, Claws and Jaws, LikeWallpaper and Down to the Sea Again.  I have published six highly acclaimed collections of poetry:  The Sportsman & Other Poems short-listed for the PEN Jessie Mackay Award, Letters to Dr Dee short-listed for the New Zealand Book Awards 1994, A Kind of Kingdom, Rat Tickling, Along Blueskin Road and Villon in Millerton; a collection of short stories for adults: The Chinese Interpreter  and nine novels for young readers.








Felix and the Red Rats

When David's uncle comes to visit he sets off a bizarre series of events. Things become complicated when the pet rats turn bright red. David senses that somehow the red rats are connected to the story he is reading, and he becomes more convinced when the colour red becomes contagious. The parallel story sees Felix and his friend Bella inadvertently shifted into a strange land where they must solve a riddle. But this puts them into great danger. How will they escape and find their way home?

The Loblolly Boy

To the boy called Red, it seems the most marvellous escape he could wish for: a gift that grants him more freedom than he ever believed possible - the chance to fly, to soar with the gulls, high over the tall brick walls that have imprisoned him for so long. But this gift comes with a terrible price - and puts him in grave danger. Is there anyone Red can trust to help him? The curious Captain Bass who has strange powers of his own? The wildly unpredictable twin sisters he is strongly drawn to?