L P Hansen

The Dark Quest of Countess X A Call to the World’s Youth is the author’s fourth YA book involving controversial topics. It uses extensive research on missing women, current at the time of writing. When she’s not writing, Linda Hansen takes her books and stories into schools and other places where live storytelling is welcomed. Her session, Peacemaking in these Islands – from Rēkohu and Parihaka to the Nuclear Ban Treaty and beyond takes listeners on a journey through the centuries from distant peacemakers to the more recent success of New Zealanders in achieving the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the subsequent Nobel Peace Prize (2017).  For more information, see www.lphansen.com or contact her through the publisher, info@onepotopress.com.

Also by L P Hansen

The Fire Keeper’s Girls (2018). Two troubled girls find unexpected support in a worldwide community of bold and brilliant women.

Bad Oil and the Animals (2016). Teenage friends aim a spotlight at illegal palm oil production and animal welfare in New Zealand and elsewhere.

An Unexpected Hero (2014). A boy bullied for his stammer is motivated to courageous action after learning about WW1 conscientious objector Archie Baxter, father of poet James K. Baxter.

L P Hansen has won a Jack Lasenby Senior Award for Children’s Writing. 


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An Unexpected Hero (2014)

A fast-paced adventure for girls and boys set in rural New Zealand, introducing WW1 pacifist Archie Baxter to young readers. Chosen by teachers for NZ ReadAloud 2017 and again in 2019 for Year 7-8. “... a mischievous, affectionate story of a very likeable, very credible young boy, who startles everyone, including himself, by what he proves himself able to do.” David Hill (My Brother’s War) “ ...a hidden tale of wartime New Zealand exposed within a gripping contemporary story. Great reading!” Ruth Paul, author/illustrator (The King’s Bubbles)

Food Legends of the World : Traditional Tales with Recipes of Today (2009)

Traditional legends about twenty five favourite foods sourced from their cultural origins and meticulously illustrated by artist Bodhi Vincent. Each Legend is followed by a contemporary recipe featuring the food. From the tale of the onions that saved a Pharaoh’s son to the origins of the pineapple; from the wily merchant who used black beans to trick the Devil to the great bird of prey that carried the first potatoes to the mountain dwellers of Peru.

Bad Oil and the Animals (2016)

Heidi always dreamed of being a society photographer for the rich and famous. Instead, the sixteen-year old’s first film project plunges her into a world of subterfuge as she joins a multi-cultural group of teenage activists from the Cook Islands, China, Canada and Aotearoa New Zealand, committed to saving orangutans in the wild. There’s danger, disguise and daring and more than a little mischief. But when the police come calling at their school, has it been one stunt too many? ‘An absorbing and exciting book … a fascinating tale that teenagers will love … I highly recommend it.’ Sue Kedgley, politician, author, animal welfare campaigner. … A book with a message this certainly is but it is such an important message and the pages are studded with a cast of such lively and spirited young people that it all makes for an unputdownable read. Barbara Murison

The Fire Keeper's Girls (2018)

Rebel teenage cousins Gemma and Alice are sent to spend summer at a lonely beach with Samantha, an eccentric woman they barely know. Encountering a mysterious and supportive web of real-life women, the pair become enthusiastic players in what is called The Game. Samantha is revealed as the Game’s Fire Keeper and gives each girl a gift to summon help in times of danger. Are they now the Fire Keeper’s girls? …a story full of hope and light, a fast-paced adventure involving deep emotional trials that many teenage girls will identify with... raises the profile of women in the sciences.’ Chris Duggan, Founder and National CEO, House of Science: NZ ‘The Fire Keeper's Girls is a coming-of-age story to enlighten and inspire the next generation of GirlBosses. A realistic tribute to modern feminism.’ Alexia Hilbertidou, Founder and CEO, GirlBoss NZ, and 2018 Westpac Women of Influence: Young Leader Award Winner.

The Dark Quest of Countess X – A Call to the World’s Youth

Calling herself Countess X, one of Europe’s richest billionaires invites the world’s youth to take up a modern day Quest. Will they help her to challenge a colossal abuse of human rights?  Teenagers submitting the most effective suggestions will be welcomed at her European residence to present their plans. But these submissions must be their own work. More than forty young people converge on the château to share their plans and meet with wealthy philanthropists and others prepared to put the plans into practice. Tensions accelerate as cheats are expelled, hostilities revealed and romances bloom. Then the pace of the Quest quickens – changing the participants forever. 

“This is a terrific read, delightful not just for young adults but for the older adults in their lives. It gives a bigger picture of how we humans can live equably together. The Quest offers challenges – and then hope.” Michele A’Court, writer, social commentator, comedian.

“I'm very excited about this book which makes urgent issues real and accessible while leaving young readers feeling empowered. A captivating read on a challenging topic.  I’m hooked!”  Eleanor Parkes, Director, Child Alert (ECPAT) NZ.