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Mia Farlane was born in Aotearoa NZ.  Her first novel Footnotes to Sex, published by Viking / Penguin Books UK, is described by Bidisha as ‘Seinfeld meets Dorothy Parker’.  11+ years at Southbank Centre’s National Poetry Library, London.  She has lived most of her adult life with the writer Kristen Phillips, in the UK – as well as several years in France, and periods of time in Aotearoa for family reasons.  In 2019 Mia was in Aotearoa completing her third novel, thanks to a Creative New Zealand grant.  She is currently in Te Whanganui-a-Tara again, and is writing full-time.  Read more and join the Farlane on Writing quarterly on Mia Farlane's author website.  

Mia Farlane  writes darkly humorous literary fiction re flailing relationships, failed intimacies and mental health. Novels set in Paris, London & Te Whanganui-a-Tara.  She is a translator/contributor in No, Love Is Not Dead: An Anthology of Love Poetry from Around the World (Chambers 2021).  She has also written creative nonfiction: ‘Are You Okay? (A Writing Event)’, published in 2020 by UK literary magazine, Moxy.  Her story 'Like-Minded People' won the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2022 (SMHAF) writing competition in the fiction category.  Mia also writes bilingual reviews at Farlane on French Writers

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Footnotes to Sex (Viking / Penguin Books UK) is available on Kindle and in paperback.


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Footnotes to Sex

Footnotes to Sex (Viking / Penguin Books UK) about a flailing relationship and academic failure – set in London and Paris.
It is available as paperback available at Foyles + Ebook.

Endorsements and Review Quotes:

'A wonderfully impressive first novel: subtle, smart and very funny. I loved this book'
-- Sarah Waters

'Fast, fun, friendly and fly ... the storytelling is effortless and droll: Seinfeld meets Dorothy Parker'
-- Bidisha

'A smart, funny, and acutely observed dissection of modern love'
-- Stella Duffy

'Farlane's keen emotional intelligence gives her debut novel an integrity which makes it rather more than a footnote itself'
-- Lettie RansleyObserver

'A wry comedy. Subtly delicious. Farlane's ear for comic dialogue is superb'
-- Catherine TaylorGuardian

'Wise, stylish and embarrassingly funny, shows we're all fools for love'
-- Elle read of the month

'Wonderful. Wry, smart and funny'
-- The Gloss

'A wry comedy about long-term relationships'
-- Marie Claire

'Funny, well-observed' -- Bookseller `Very clever and witty'
-- Daily Mail

'You'll be utterly delighted. A relaxing read about relationships'
-- Bookbag

Editor's description:

My name is May Woodlea and I am writing hoping to begin writing my PhD the proposal for my PhD.  Very soon.  Soon.

May Woodlea is a champion procrastinator - the 3 a.m. failure in us all. She is not writing the proposal for her PhD. She lives in a grotty bedsit with her long-suffering partner Jansen. She is plagued by her unforgivably cheerful younger sister Elizabeth.

How will May find purpose in her life and escape the daily grind? Can May and Jansen rescue their relationship from a seeming eternity of grudge-holding, competitive tiredness, imagined slights and absolutely no sex? And what will happen when a glamorous, domineering French writer and an old flame of Jansen's come on the scene?

Footnotes to Sex is a painfully funny novel about procrastination, double-chocolate biscuits, the importance of commitment and what happens in relationships when the sex isn't happening...

Book cover for Footnotes to Sex: Chambre 26 by Sophie Calle