Author Book Launch Event and Signing – Leigh

Local Author Book Launch Event and Signing

Thursday 21 March 2024, 7pm.

Foundation Art Gallery, Leigh.

Four friends.

One tragic death.

20 years of secrets and lies.

One wintery night, when they are young, Anna and her three friends Rudy, Seth, and Dougal are involved in an accident in which a stranger is killed – that night it snows heavily, covering everything up. They agree to keep it a secret, but then one of them is accused of murder and sent to prison.

Twenty years later, Anna and her friends are thrown together again following a funeral, and this time Anna is forced to finally look at what actually happened all those years ago. Anna’s recollection, however, is not what her friends remember.

Could she really have been mistaken about what happened?

Will digging up the past reveal a truth she would rather not know?

And what will it mean to her carefully constructed life if the last 20 years has been nothing more than a lie?

Emily Pattullo is an award-winning, local author who has just released her second novel, Silent as the Snow. To celebrate, a launch event is scheduled for 21 March 2024, at the Foundation Art Gallery in Leigh. All are welcome to attend to hear Emily read allowed from her novel. There will be discounted books to purchase and the option to have your copy signed by the author.

Silent as the Snow is set in the UK where Emily is from, but was written in NZ during lockdown, shortly after she arrived with her family. Emily is a writer of many things including poems, songs, and her first award-winning novel, Ring Around Rosie, which is a story for teenagers about child trafficking. She has worked extensively in magazine publishing in London, and then for a time in New Zealand, and is currently working on her next novel as well as other creative projects.

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