Our Words: A festival of local writers and storytellers – word festival in New Plymouth

20 – 27 March 2024
Puke Ariki and Community Libraries

  • Immerse yourself in captivating talks by our local wordsmiths.
  • Ignite your imagination with dynamic panel discussions.
  • Unleash your creativity in interactive workshops.

Join us for an enriching journey through self-publishing insights, the art of food photography, fiction crafting, short story magic, historical narratives, world-building wonders, scientific exploration, and beyond!

Our Words: A festival of local writers and storytellers, is the first of its kind brought to you by Puke Ariki and Community Libraries. Check back here soon more details on the event timetable and the range of workshops, panel discussions and more coming soon!

Our Writers:

Albany Owens | Amber Mathew | Aviv Liron | Cassie Hart | David Hill | Emma Boyd | Emma Hislop | Haoro Hond | Helen Griffiths | Jacqueline Bublitz | Jamie Morton | John Sargent | Kane Briscoe  | Michaela Stoneman | Mikaela Nyman | Migrant Women’s Group | Murali Bhaskar | Olena Williams | Steph Matuku | Virginia Winder