What does being a member of NZSA mean for writers?

Being a member of the NZSA means not being alone. As a writer, I spend a lot of time in my own head, or holed up somewhere with ink stains on my fingers, or hunched over a computer. The NZSA provides great resources, and opportunities to work with people who can help you make the next step in your writing journey, and the chance to connect with other people who understand this crazy thing we do.  Amy

When I get up at 4.30 a.m. to write 500 words before going to work, I know I am not alone and that I can turn somewhere for guidance and encouragement to get over the daunting task of turning my compost heap of ideas into a vibrant flower garden. In short, it means a lot.  It helps to keep my dreams alive. Nick

This is the first, and only organisation that has actively encouraged me to participate in writing and publishing.  The wealth of experience, and numbers of editors available to a budding author is quite astonishing. There are also programmes and grants available designed to assist those new members who wish to take advantage of the expertise of established authors, and a willingness to share knowledge of the publications industry. Timothy

Great weekly newsletters which keep me up to date with information for writers. Even if I’m not an active member of NZSA, being a member connects me to other writers and gives me a sense of community in the solitary activity of writing. Tracy

I have recently joined the New Zealand Society of Authors, having recently completed a creative writing diploma at Whitirea Polytechnic. My unpublished novel, Hydrangeas and Trainers, is my debut – after 25 years as a working journalist, I have had my first stab at fiction. I’m a journalist at Fairfax Media, and I have spent years writing true stories. It is so exciting to use my imagination and writing skills to craft fictional ones. I’m delighted to join this association, bringing my skills and experience as a non-fiction writer to the group. I also know that I can learn from those who are experienced at the craft of fiction – a world that is now opening up to me. Sarah

Being an NZSA (PEN Inc) member gives me the support and protection needed as a writer. It also offers wonderful opportunities such as this to receive guidance and constructive feedback from a NZSA assessor so that I can not only improve my manuscript but also learn about the areas of my writing that I can build on. Heather

NZSA membership is the password to New Zealand’s secret world of writers, learning and opportunities. It creates a community, a safe place to share, and offers a huge body of (free) industry knowledge. Being a member of the NZSA has given me great confidence through knowledge, and a sense of pride. Caroline

To me, being a member of NZSA (PEN Inc) means belonging to a community of writers, people with a common interest in the written word and in disseminating it widely, using the power of the written word for the benefit of all people. Writing can be a lonely and isolating activity; the collegiality, support and advice of members of NZSA helps counteract this and spur me along on my writing journey. Karen

It keeps me informed about the writing world and has brought me friendships with like-minded people. I’ve had a manuscript assessed and have been mentored courtesy of the Society and have benefited from legal advice re a publishing contract. My book was represented at the Frankfurt Book Fair via the Society and my membership has led to paid employment in the writing field. Rae

Writers can often be caught up in their own world of four walls and a computer with little knowledge of what is happening in their writing community. The NZ Society of Authors is the gate, to that which is beyond. Stuart

As a fledgling author (dare I even use that word?), I joined NZSA for guidance in my newly chosen craft, and to have that sense of belonging to something greater than myself.  No sooner had I joined, I realised there were others out there ‘just like me’: book launches in my area that helped me hone my vision, Book Week events that afforded me the opportunity to mingle with like-minded souls, mentorship & scholarship programmes, and news of other authors who are thriving in their craft.  What better encouragement for the budding author?  We all need a cheerleader, someone to keep our spirits up and hold the vision when the going gets tough.  Thanks to NZSA, I know I can do it.  My message for other budding authors?  Go find yourself a cheerleader with NZSA! Sarah

As a freelance proofreader and editor, being a member of the NZ Society of Authors lends my business extra credibility. As a creative writer, I appreciate the access to support, advice and opportunities such as the NZSA Mentor programme. Writing is a solitary and often lonely vocation. Knowing I am part of a group of like-minded people ready to share their expertise, experience and friendship is a huge encouragement. Although I have been published several times over and have just finished my first novel, the spectre of self-doubt still hovers. Being an NZSA member bolsters my self-confidence: I am a writer, and I have the membership to prove it. Patricia

Since I do not have day to day access to the writing fraternity, being a member NZ Society of Authors give me access to an alternative support group. And it provides me with an opportunity to develop through access to mentors and assessors reading my work. Christopher

Being a member of the NZ Society of Authors gives me access to opportunities to develop my writing that I would not otherwise be able to have, like the StartWrite Assessment Programme, as well as mentoring and manuscript assessment services. As a budding author it is encouraging to know you are not alone – but to get this sort of feedback and validation that you can actually achieve something is invaluable! Katie

Membership gives me access to resources and information that would not otherwise be available.  The regular Bulletins provide a wealth of information on just how active the community in New Zealand really is. Marija

As a new NZSA member, I’m amazed to discover New Zealand has such a vibrant writing culture. Writing is a lonely job, so it’s great to see how many writers are meeting, collaborating and supporting each other. I had no idea there was such an enthusiastic writing community right on my doorstep. I’m so glad I joined NZSA. Michael

A community of writers from all genres who provide: through newsletters, a wealth of information and opportunities local and international; via monthly meetings, insight into all facets of writing and the writer’s life, all the while presenting a professional public profile to enhance appreciation of New Zealand writers, and writing. Jeannie

It keeps me in the loop and up-to-date on the going-ons in the world of New Zealand writers. Jonathan