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  • Widespread copyright breach: Authors’ associations demand that Open Library stops lending scanned books

    The Society of Authors (SoA) in the UK and the Authors Guild (AG) in the US are simultaneously demanding that the Internet Archive’s Open Library stops lending scanned copies of physical books, reports Publishing Perspectives. In an open letter, the AG criticises the ‘faulty legal argument’ of Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) used by

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  • #readNZ: The importance of reading aloud

    17 January 2019 #NZreadaloud is a ‘connected literacy’ initiative that began in 2015. The original goal was simple… ‘one book to connect Kiwi kids across Aotearoa.’ The initiative sees teachers across the country reading the same book to their students during the same term. The focus is on books by New Zealand

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  • Good news – NZ Bookshop Numbers on the Rise

    Since January 2018, Booksellers NZ has gained seven brand new members from everywhere from Vulcan Lane in Central Auckland, through to Twizel in South Canterbury, as well as online store Five Dogs Books. ‘We have seen a decided increase in the number of new bookshops over the past year’ notes

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