2019 Mountain Book Competition – deadline

2019 Mountain Book Competition

Entry Procedures and Regulations

Our MOUNTAIN BOOK COMPETITION will open for entries on January 1st 2019, with the last entries accepted on 30 March, 2019.

We are also looking for writers and publishers who would like to do book launches and talks at our Festival over June 28 to July 3 in Wanaka.

The NZ Mountain Book Festival is an exciting event, bringing the best adventure books written on the world’s remote places and extreme sports. The festival features; guest speakers, readings, seminars, book signings and launches. The Festival offers a wide spectrum of experiences for the adventure book-loving audience.

We bring their spirit of adventure, from around the world, to the alpine villages of Wanaka (June 28 to July 3) and Queenstown (4-6 July) in 2019.

The mountain book competition provides an opportunity for writers to showcase their work, receive merit and win cash prizes. We invite you to submit your book for consideration.

The theme is: Adventure Sports and Lifestyles. Please note that the subject matter criteria are extremely broad. There must be a link, however, with adventure sports or people, and also be set in the world’s mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans or skies. These adventure sports can include (but are not limited to) Mountain climbing, rock or ice climbing, tramping, trekking, caving, kayaking, canyoning, white water rafting, base jumping, and paragliding. As are entries which consider mountain culture or wild environments.




You can enter literature in the following categories;

Mountain or Adventure Fiction and Poetry — includes fiction and poetry books with a focus on adventure topics. Creative narratives about climbing and mountaineering, all aspects of adventure sports, exploration and mountain culture are acceptable (English editions only).$250 prize for the winner.
Mountain and Adventure Literature, Non-Fiction — includes non-fiction books, such as memoirs, biographies and narratives on mountaineering, climbing history, guidebooks, travel books, mountain exploration, mountain culture, and human experiences of any kind in the mountain wilderness (English editions only).$250 prize for the winner.
Grand Prize book award will be awarded to a book chosen from the above categories.$250 prize sponsored by Wanaka Paper Plus.