Leomis winter solstice festival

L?emis is a festival that began in Wellington in 2016, and is now entering its fourth year.

It is our offering towards Maruaroa o Takurua; the winter solstice, which connects with and takes place around the rise of Matariki and Puanga.


The festival is created by a collection of local Wellington artists and communities, and produced by Pirate & Queen.


We stage events across the city in multiple locations, with a particular interest in designing site specific events to enable people to experience places in new ways.


We prepare an entirely new programme of events each year, with a strong focus on ritual, the fantastical and mystical.


Production: Andrew Laking and Claire Mabey (co-directors), Jen Eccles (coordinator), Gin Mabey (editor), T.S Fraser (design). Produced by Pirate & Queen.

Curation: Leda Farrow (effigy), Jen Eccles (scenery), Zoë Higgins, Cody Ellingham, Leonie Reynolds, Miranda Manasiadis, Laura Greenfield, Raechal Ferguson, Luke Owen Smith, Rebecca Garland, Brandie Stephens, and Dominic Hoey. A massive thanks to everyone who has contributed to making L?emis!

For events, see here!