NZSA seeks to increase the number of books adapted for film and television in NZ.

In Australia (around 50%) and the USA (up to 75%) of all films made are from book adaptations.

We hope to encourage more collaboration with the Film Commission and NZ on Air to increase the adaptation of NZ books for screen.

Unfortunately, there is no local media quota in NZ, as that sovereignty over our airwaves was signed away in a free trade agreements. That sets us apart from over 70% of the countries in the world, who can control quotas of local content that reflects their culture – countries from the Philippines, Estonia, Portugal, and Australia have media content quotas. NZSA considers this an error of policy in trade negotiations, alike to kicking an own goal.

Even the hugely successful NZ music quota scheme, which changed the dial for NZ music, was a voluntary quota.

NZSA has asked government for:

  • The Ministry of Education to include a quota of NZ books to be read and studied in secondary english curricula.
  • Public Broadcasting: NZSA presented to the select committee and submitted to the proposal for a merged public media entity, and advocated for more NZ content and voluntary quotas.
  • Radio NZ: That the daily Speaking Volumes review slot on Radio NZ Nine to Noon, be for NZ books only.
  • That RNZ establish a dedicated annual budget to adapt NZ writing for broadcast.

NZSA, PANZ and CLNZ have engaged with Radio NZ regarding payment and budgets for the adaptation and licensing of NZ books, poetry and plays for broadcast. Radio NZ are preparing a new engagement strategy and have approached our organisations for input.

Our contract page on the NZSA website, holds a document that summarises your rights and provides advice of how to proceed, if you are being asked to surrender broadcast, performance and audio rights to RNZ without payment.

Copies of our correspondence on these issues can be found in the Advocacy archive.