Appointment of new Tautai Director, Aanoalii Rowena Fuluifaga

Tautai and the Tautai Board are pleased to announce the appointment of new Tautai Director, Aanoalii Rowena Fuluifaga. Aanoalii brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Pacific-design, pedagogy and education, as well as a long and dedicated history of working collaboratively with Pacific communities.

Aanoalii is a mother, an art lover, an academic and a proud Westie. Born in the height of the dawn raids in Aotearoa, she credits her career and passion to her ‘biggest heroes and teachers’; her parents, her family villages Vaimoso, Amaile, Solosolo and by affiliation Poutasi, educators, and the community leaders who have committed themselves to helping others and giving back to the less fortunate.

Her education and arts career spans over 20 years, working across the tertiary sector, both in Aotearoa and internationally. Aanoalii has a Master’s degree in Philosophy, specialising in women’s hierarchical spaces in rural Samoan communities. Prior to her appointment at Tautai, she was an arts educator and lecturer in Theory and Contextual Studies for the Department of Design and Contemporary Arts at Unitec New Zealand. Her research interests include contemporary Pacific art and design, tatau and the Samoan notion of vā within an Aotearoa spatial context.

“I’m blessed to be surrounded by strong women, the Samoan saying “e au le inailau a tamaitai” talks about the woman’s legacy, resilience, and perseverance in achieving the required tasks and refers to the leadership of women in the Pacific. My appointment here at Tautai, would not be without the woman in my life and the men who allow them to lead.”
Aanoalii Rowena Fuluifaga

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