Annemarie Florian

Annemarie Florian has been a longtime advocate across the entire spectrum of children's literatre and education -- as curriculum designer, book awards judge, bookseller, librarian, reader, reviewer and writer. She believes picture books can be a powerful and engaging way to introduce and investigate our unique wildlife and enjoys being able to share her own curiosity, observation and wonder by this approach.


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Time to Sleep

It's time for Kiwi to sleep... Unfortunately, Kiwi's time to sleep doesn't coincide with that of the other creatures in and around his sleeping place... An inspired read-aloud for under-fives.

books for babies

Perfectly sized for little hands, this board book encourages parents to snuggle up with their new baby, and holds the baby's attention with the simple rhyme and engaging baby photos. A perfect first book.

KIWI : the real story

Enter the secret world of New Zealand's amazing iconic bird and discover its real story -- what it eats, where it lives, how it raises chicks -- told here in a dynamic new way for readers of all ages. Spellbinding illustrations dance across the pages, and the lyrical verse ensures a rewarding experience when read aloud, while the fuller accompanying narrative helps to round out the facts.

GENTLE GIANT : Wetapunga

Meet Wetapunga, longtime resident of Gondwanaland, Planet Earth. Learn about the modest, unassuming lifestyle of this ancient insect -- what it eats, where it lives, how it keeps safe and defends itself. Intensely rich illustrations and a measured poetic voice beautifully capture its real-life story.

KAREAREA : Fearless Falcon

Karearea have a fierce zest for life. They're fast and agile fliers. They're tenacious and tough. Yet their numbers are declining and they need our help. Fortunately we've begun to take notice. See how this spirited bird hunts for food, and finds places to settle and raise its chicks. Find out about the challenges it faces to survive. In words and pictures that shine from each page, discover the high-flying world of karearea, fearless falcon.

KEA : curiouser and curiouser

Kea are innately curious. They just love to try out new things and have evolved extraordinary mental and physical abilities. Discover how this built-in curiosity is a bonus for endurance and finding new ways to survive. Learn about the invisible and alarming threats kea now face. Rich illustrations and an engrossing story, guided by a light and droll kea monologue, blend seamlessly together to reveal an intelligent and intriguing bird, struggling for survival.

SNAPPER : the real story

The fish we love to love, snapper is a long-lived and slow-growing species. Life cycle is revealed, showing its physical appearance and changes throughout development. Emphasis is on an appreciation of snapper and other species, distinctive ecosystems and the marine environment.

Challenges for the continuing survival for snapper and a sustainable catch are considered. The book gives an opportunity to reflect on our place within the largest body of water on the planet; how little we really know of that environment; and the diverse and nuanced range fo species that marine environment supports. Readership 7+