David Gunn

David Gunn graduated from the University of Canterbury with a masters degree in physics and a doctorate in philosophy. He has been published in the prestigious academic journals Philosophers' Imprint and Philosophy of Science, and has delivered conference papers to the Australasian Association of Philosophy. His research interests include the interpretation of physical theory, metaphysics, and the history of philosophy, all of which feature in his book Pneumatology of Matter.


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On the Ultimate Origination of Things

Abstract:  Why does the universe exist rather than not exist? And why is it the way that it is and not otherwise? Some philosophers have contended that it is reasonable to ask such questions even if the universe is eternal, or held to be so. And some, Leibniz for instance, have claimed in addition that such questions can never be satisfactorily answered by looking to the universe itself, but only by acknowledging the reality of an extramundane and absolutely necessary being as the ultimate origin of things. To all appearances, these claims remain viable. There seems, at any rate, to be nothing in modern cosmology that rules them out. Even so, it is argued here that certain developments in general dynamical theory preclude an extramundane origin, without, however, impugning the legitimacy of our existential questions or contradicting the idea that there exists an absolutely necessary being.

Pneumatology of Matter

A philosophical inquiry into the origins and meaning of modern physical theory ISBN 9781780991757 (pub. Jan 25, 2013)