Imre Vallyon

Born in 1940 in Budapest, Hungary, Imre Vallyon emigrated to New Zealand at the age of sixteen. After having many mystical experiences and inner revelations throughout his childhood, he thereafter dedicated his life to teaching the Wisdom Science through his writings and through workshops and retreats held around the world. Imre’s extraordinary knowledge of human spirituality is neither derived from scholarly research nor channelled from the psychic dimensions. Imre’s work is one of synthesis. His writing is universal, not biased towards any particular religion or tradition. Imre Vallyon’s four-volume treatise Heavens & Hells of the Mind was awarded first place in the prestigious Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Awards, and won a gold medal in the Living Now Awards. Heavens & Hells of the Mind and The Art of Meditation were selected by the New Zealand Society of Authors to represent New Zealand as Guest of Honour at the 2012 International Book Fair in Frankfurt.








Heaven & Hells of the Mind

Heavens and Hells of the Mind is an award winning major treatise on Human Consciousness and the Wisdom Science which embraces contemporary spiritual life. A comprehensive selection of Imre’s inspirational writings is systematically presented in an elegant four-volume set comprising 14 parts and 72 chapters, including detailed illustrations, definitions and sidebars, complemented by extensive cross-referencing and a lexicon of esoteric and sacred language terms. Winner of Ashton Wylie and Living Now Awards.

The Gayatri Mantra

This book emanates the energy and light of its subject, giving us an in-depth understanding of, and profound inspiration to practise the Gayatri Mantra.  It also includes guidance in the practice, a link to an audio recording of the mantra, a 36 page glossary of Esoteric terminology and a Sanskrit pronounication guide.

“When we work with the Gayatri we are invoking the Light that shines through all Creation.  The Gayatri Mantra is the Speech of God, the Song of God, an Invocation to the Light that the Light Itself created for us.”

The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

This is a very special book, a must have resource, full of inspiration and techniques for all those aspiring to be true Spiritual Warriors. The Art of the Warrior is to be enlightened every second of every day. It is not something you look forward to in the future; it is something you live now. The Warrior Path is always in the immediate moment, at this second of time, in your total relationship with the outer world and the world inside you, with the Divine Presence within you and the Divine Presence outside you. The Way of the Spiritual Warrior starts with self-knowledge, learning to harmonise your personality. The next stage is using meditation and other spiritual techniques to withdraw your awareness slowly inside you until you make a connection with yourself as a Living Soul and recognise that you are an immortal spiritual being—omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

The New Heaven and the New Earth

Imre Vallyon explains the inner causes of the coming planetary changes (the New Heaven) and how the changes will play out in real- world events (the New Earth), depending on whether humanity responds to them correctly or not. To help humanity respond correctly, the author provides not only esoteric knowledge and understanding from his direct perception of Higher Reality, but also practical meditation techniques aimed at raising Consciousness.

It is from the inner realms where the problems, or the changes, arise, and how they work out in the physical dimension is where Humanity comes in.  Humanity does not cause anything, we are the end result. But, it’s how we react to the Inner Reality that organises our life in the Physical World: it’s how we react that determines human destiny.  Human destiny is not a haphazard thing, not something uncontrolled or uncontrollable.  It is exactly what human beings make it. That’s all. If we make a mess of it, well, that’s our destiny. If we react correctly, then we will have a Golden Age. Wars and disasters occur because we react wrongly to the energies coming in. It’s very simple.

The New Planetary Reality

The New Planetary Reality – The Coming  Avatara & The Nine Paths to Enlightenment starts where the author’s previous book, “Planetary Transformation”, left off. It explains the mystery of the Coming Avatara, which, unlike past Avataras like Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and many others, is not a single person sent to a particular place, religion or culture but a global phenomenon-a Planetary Avatara, a Cosmic Energy coming from the inner dimensions that has already started to permeate planet Earth.

The Warrior Code

This book is a guide for practical living in the world, where the Spiritual Warrior must live. The reader may meditate on a different Aphorism each day or the same one for as long as desired. The book may also be used as a source of guidance in times of crisis. Simply open a page at random and instruction will come your way.

Foreign Rights granted and published in Turkish and Bulgarian.

Kabbalah Unveiled

The Western Mysteries is an in depth revelation of the Western Spiritual Path.  From Alchemy to Astrology, from the Science of Colour to the Tree of Life and the Major Arcana of the Tarot, lmre’s powerful insights shed new light on the real meaning and purpose of these Ancient Mysteries. This Work does more than restore a lost tradition. The Tree of Life is alive while ever there is a Master able to comprehend and learn from it, and lmre has done more than that.

The basic idea of Kabbalah is that everything is God, and everything is spiritual. The Tree of Life is at once a picture of the Cosmos, of God, and of Man.  That is, it represents every man, woman and child. It is a picture of you. Whatever is contained in the Tree is contained in you also, and whatever is contained in you is contained in the Cosmos and in God. The Grand Archetypes of God, the Universe and Man are One.