Janice Marriott

Janice has written is many genres, for children and adults. She now spends time tutoring beginning writers through Go Write Now. Please visit the website for all profile details:  www.gowritenow.nz

Awarded Margaret Mahy Medal for services to children's literature 2018

List of Books by Janice Marriott
Common Ground 2008 - co-authored with Virginia Pawsey
Common Table 2010 - co-authored with Virginia Pawsey
Common Lives - 2012 - co-authored with Virginia Pawsey
Changing Lives 2015-- co-authored with Virginia Pawsey

Children's Novels:
• Letters to Lesley, 1989
• Brain Drain 1993 (shortlisted for both the Aim Children's Book Award and the Esther Glen Award in 1994)
• I'm Not a Compost Heap, 1995,
• Crossroads, 1995 (winner Aim Book of the Year Award and the Esther Glenn Medal 1996)
• Hope's Rainbow 1996, Carmen's Story (Shortland Street) 1996
• Kissing Fish 1997

The "Monster" series 1997:
• Green Slime Dinner Time
• The B4 Battle
• The Big Bug Blast
• Alien on Wheels

• Thor's Tale, 2006. Winner of the Junior Fiction category of the
New Zealand Post Book Awards 2007 for Children and Young Adults!
• Chute Thru, 2006
• Taking Off, 2007
• Bute View, 2009
• Monstrosity, 2010

Stories in the following anthologies:
• Nearly Seventeen, 1993
• Personal Best, 1997
• Thirty New Zealand Stories for children, 2002
• The Great Pavlova Cover Up, 2001
• Claws and Jaws, 2004
• Mischief and Mayhem, 2005
Great Mates. 2011

Shortlisted for Columnist of the Year 2011 for House and Garden magazine column

Radio New Zealand Broadcasts
Many stories, a play, and a one hour documentary, Votes for Women, have been broadcast on Radio New Zealand.

Educational texts: Too many to list - these titles cover books for ages ranging from preschool to high school and include fiction and non fiction. These have been written for Shortland Publications, Learning Media, Celebration Press (USA), Pacific Learning (USA), NZ Police, and NZ Water Safety Council.

Non fiction:
• Soldier in the Yellow Socks, Harper Collins 2006. Shortlisted for the Non Fiction category of the
New Zealand Post Book Awards 2007!
• Gardening for Kids, Harper Collins 2002
• Growing Things to Eat, Harper Collins 2003
• Get Your Hands Dirty, 2010

Screen Writing:
• Episodes of the "Wot Wots"


  • Adult Fiction
  • Adult Non-Fiction
  • Autobiography / Memoir
  • Children's Fiction
  • Children's Non-Fiction
  • Lifestyle
  • Poetry
  • Young Adult


  • Manuscript Assessment
  • Mentoring
  • Poetry Readings
  • Print Media Writing (magazines/newspapers)
  • Public Speaking
  • Readings (adults)
  • Reviews
  • Tutoring
  • Workshops (adults)






Thor's Tale

A child's experience of Shackleton's time at the South Georgia whaling station early 20th C.

Changing Lives

A memoir. 2 women, one rural, one urban, making changes in their lives.