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Earthquakes & Butterflies - Otautahi Christchurch

Wickcandle Books & Film, Aotearoa NZ 2015

"While buildings shake to pieces and the land breaks open, this lyrical, impressionistic narrative leads us on a journey through time, inside the reaches of the world of spirit, from a mood of devastation to one of hope. Like an Irish faery tale, this book is unique in that it mixes real people and events, with fiction. It is a prophetic allegory and addressing the quantum shift in consciousness occurring now." - Joy Ryan Bloore

Inangahua Gold

Kingfisher Publishing, Aotearoa NZ 2018

"This historical novel set in the c19th, plaits together, tough as flax-root narrative prose and postic imagery to tell a timeless love story. It links people with the natural environment and blends language, cultures, share4d endeavour and compassion in a vivid multi-cultural epiphany of life in Aotearoa New Zealand." - John Weir.

"A lyrical love letter to our unique environment and history, told with heart and passion." - Mandy Hager

Rohe Kōreporepo The Swamp The Sacred Place

Wickcandle Books & Films, Aotearoa NZ 2021

Our repo, our wetlands, naturally protect us from floods, tsumanis, storm surges and droughts. Repo, wetlands store carbon, restore biodiversity and slow the water cycle - the solutions we need to dig us out of the looming environmental disaster humanity faces. Wetlands occupy 5 - 8 % of the world's surface area, are home to 40% of the world's species, and hold 20 - 30% of the world's carbon. In this book and film, sixty kaitiaki tell their stories of replanting, reflooding and restoring our old intimate relationships with Rohe Kōreporepo - our swamps, our sacred places.Sixty kaitiaki replant, reflood and restore our old intimate relationships with Rohe Kōreporepo - our swamps, our sacred places.

Kōtuku Shining Flight

Pūkeko Publications with Wickcandle Books & Film , Aotearoa NZ 2022

Kōtuku Shining Flight brings together Kathleen's four books of poetry, Tara, Gypsy, Twilight Burns The Sky and this new one Kōtuku Shining Flight, spaning poems from 1979 to 2022.

"Spare and lovely as a bird in flight, these poems trace a wide arc - of belonging, of braided identities, of the bonds between people. Here the natural world is sharply observed, in delicate and precise language. a poetic memoir of sorts, the work never forgets heart." _ Frankie McMillan