• Kyle Mewburn


    Kyle is one of New Zealand's finest, and most eclectic, picture book writers with stories that are noted for being multi-layered, funny and linguistically creative. Kyle's titles have been published in a dozen countries and won numerous awards including Children's Book of the Year (Old Hu-hu), Picture book of the Year (Kiss!Kiss! Yuck!Yuck!), two Children's Choice awards (Kiss!Kiss! Yuck!Yuck! and Melu) and a Flicker Tale award in North Dakota (Kiss!Kiss! Yuck!Yuck!).

    Kyle Mewburn has been a frequent Finalist at the New Zealand Children's Book Awards and many titles have been included on Notable Books Lists in both New Zealand and Australia. Melu was a White Raven title for 2012 and Bog Frog Hop was a finalist in the Australian Speech Therapists' Book of the Year.

    As well as picture books, Kyle has published numerous School Readers (Tracker Jack and Modern Bush Yarns series) and junior fiction titles, including the popular Dinosaur Rescue series which has been sold in 27 countries. Kyle was the Children's Writer in Residence at Otago University in 2011 and is currently President of the New Zealand Society of Authors.

    Kyle's latest series Dragon Knight about a shape-shifting dragon family went straight to the top of the Bestseller List. 

    Originally from Brisbane, Kyle lives with wife, Marion, a well-known potter, in a house with a grass roof in Millers Flat. When not writing, Kyle's free time is almost wholly consumed trying to maintain a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle ... or drinking wine while watching the endlessly entertaining drama of chickens wending  their way to bed under the watchful eyes of two teasing cats.



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    Millers Flat


    Old Hu-Hu

    Old Hu-hu NZ Post Book of The Year 2010
    Everyone loved Old Hu-Hu. But nobody loved him quite as much as little Hu-Hu-Tu. Old Hu-Hu is a thoughtful tale of young Hu-Hu-Tu’s search for understanding of what has happened to his beloved Old Hu-Hu, who flew all the way to the moon (or so they said), then fell down dead.

    Sensitively written, this is a beautiful story of death and the celebration of life, with powerful, evocative illustrations by Rachel Driscoll.


    Picture Book of the Year and Children's Choice winner 2007
    When I was growing up my mum used to wear bright red lipstick. When she kissed me, she always left a big red smelly spot on my cheek. YUCK! But that wasn’t the worst bit!! Because then she’d get out her hanky and suck the end until it was dripping with smelly SPIT, and then she’d WIPE HER KISS OFF!!! YUCK! So I don’t blame Andy for running from Auntie Elsie AT ALL. Do you run away from anyone’s hugs and kisses?

    Illustrations by Alit Teo & John O’Reilly.

    Kiss!Kiss!Yuck!Yuck! won the Best Picture Book & Children’s Choice Awards at the 2007 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards and the Flicker Tale award 2010 in North Dakota. It was also a Storylines Notable Book in 2006.

    Dragon Knight - series

    Wacky medieval adventures of a shape-shifting dragon boy, Merek, who goes to Knight School.
    Sometimes being half-boy, half-dragon gets very messy.

    Dinosaur Rescue - series

    Stone age adventures as evolved boy, Arg, and his talking T-rex companion try to save the dinosaurs from extinction. Big brain means big trouble.

    Hill and Hole

    Hill and Hole are best friends. A whimsical tale of friendship and every day gratitude.


    Children's Choice winner 2013. Melu was always different. While the other mules were content to clip-clop round the sun-baked hills, Melu dreamed of going down to the glittering green sea. But the journey will take a lot more than stubbornness.

    The House on the Hill

    'Tis a dark and gloomy night, yet deathly still. Dare two ghosts brave the deathly chill to discover the secret of the house on the hill?
    Children's Choice winner 2016

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