Maria Gill

Author Maria Gill has written 60 children's non-fiction books. In 2012 'New Zealand Hall of Fame' won the Children's Choice (Non-fiction category) award, as well as a Storylines Notable Book certificate. 'Anzac Heroes' won the NZ Book Awards for Children & YA Non-fiction award, as well as the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year prize. She has received 10 Notable Book certificates over the last 18 years. Gill has a Bachelor of Education degree, Diploma of Teaching, and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism Studies. In 2020 she started an AUT Masters of Creative Writing degree and Storylines awarded Gill the Margaret Mahy Medal for her services to children's literature.


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New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame

Lots of New Zealand sportspeople are WORLD champions, superstars of their time, men and women famous for their strength, speed, agility, endurance - and their capacity to win! Meet 25 sporting heroes and discover what it is that makes them tick. Stars of rugby, netball, soccer, cricket, hockey and league feature in the book, along with outstanding track and field athletes, swimmers, cyclists, sailors and an equestrian eventer.

Operation Nest Egg Chick

Deep down in a dark burrow, a father kiwi snorts and snuffles in his sleep. Underneath him, a large creamy egg lies snug and safe from pilfering predators. Will it meet a fateful end or will the kiwi chick become part of the Operation Nest Egg programme? A creative non-fiction story about an Operation Nest Egg chick.

The Last of Maui's Dolphins

One day Spotty didn't come for his morning swim. Hiriwa could not find Puru or Squiggles either. Follow Hiriwa the Maui's dolphin as he tries desperately to save his friends from danger. Fishing nets pose a risk for Hiriwa's friends and for his family, the endangered Maui's and Hector's dolphins. On the back page, find out about the dangers faced by these dolphins and what can be done to save them from extinction.

New Zealand Hall of Fame

Many New Zealanders are WORLD FAMOUS. In this inspiring collection of challenges and triumphs, Maria Gill introduces you to 50 remarkable Kiwis, past and present, to help you discover just what enabled them to succeed. Their compelling stories are bought to lift by Bruce Potter's striking caricatures and illustrations. New Zealand Hall of Fame won the Children's Choice award for non-fiction at the 2012 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards, was a finalist in the 2012 LIANZA awards and was selected for the 2012 Storylines Notable Books List.

Call of the Kokako

Come on a fascinating journey with Maria Gill and discover how New Zealand's biggest songbird can make sounds like a cat, a bell and an organ all in one tune. Get lost in the native forests where the kokako live, and learn about how these endangered birds are being saved ... and why they are so special. Meet courageous kokako rescuer Geordie Murman - and witness how the kokako inspired so many people to work together to achieve an incredible result for native bird conservation.

Anzac Heroes

Published by Scholastic in 2015, it features 30 Australian and New Zealand men and women who won medals for bravery during WWI and WWII. The book won the 2016 New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adult Non-fiction award as well as the Book of the Year prize.

Anzac Animals

Published by Scholastic in 2017, it features 20 working and mascot animals that went to WWI and WWII. It received a Storylines Notable Book award.

Toroa's Journey

Published by Potton & Burton, this creative non-fiction picture book reveals one albatross's true-life story.

On the Brink

Published by New Holland and illustrated by Terry Fitzgibbon. Discover our most threatened animals in New Zealand. From the beautiful forest ringlet butterfly to the down-right ugly southern elephant seal, the cheeky kakapo to the super-sensory-powered ambush hunters the great white sharks.

Kate Sheppard: Leading the Way for Women

Published by Scholastic in 2018, a powerful story about a woman whose inspiring vision and trailblazing work changed the world.

Abel Tasman: Mapping the Southern Lands

Published by Scholastic, illustrated by Marco Ivancic, in 2017, this creative non-fiction picture book tells the story of Abel Tasman and his crew who put New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands on the world map for the very first time.

Ice Breaker! An Epic Antarctic Adventure

The true nailbiting story of how the exceptional sailing and navigation skills of New Zealander Captain Frank Worsley and the legendary leadership skills of Sir Ernest Shackleton guided the Endurance crew along icebergs, across wild and dangerous seas to two sub-Antarctic islands. 

This captivating survival story combines Maria Gill's action-packed writing with Alistair Hughes' stunning watercolour illustrations in this epic polar adventure.

New Zealand Disasters: Our response, resilience and recovery

Bursting with facts, maps, photographs, stunning illustrations, safety tips and positive outcomes, this easy-to-navigate resource explores the role of first responders, essential workers and community leaders, while celebrating the resilience and courage of kiwis in disasters. Includes cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, plane crashes and pandemics and more in this comprehensive and compelling illustrated book.