Mario Dhingsa

Mario Dhingsa is a UK-born, Wellington-based, award-winning author. His first published work, High Office Whispers, was awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion in 2018. His first full-length work, Maps of Bliss and Rage, won the Silver Award (Anthologies) in the Feathered Quill Book Awards 2020.

He is the creator of #SilverScreenBlack film reviews, available on his blog at Goodreads and Twitter.

Mario is a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors, a former member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, and a former committee member of the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs.

Interview: 'Seven Questions with Mario Dhingsa' by Esther Rabbit (28/10/2019): Seven soul-searching questions spanning the length of indie publishing and the breadth of an author's sanity.


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High Office Whispers

==================================================================== Winner of the B.R.A.G. Medallion (2018) ==================================================================== 'Feathered Quill' Book Review by Holly Connors (9th June 2018): "Author Mario Dhingsa delivers an interesting, and entertaining, read in his newest work, High Office Whispers. If you've ever wondered what happens with powerful people behind closed doors, check out High Office Whispers - you're sure to get a laugh. Available only as an ebook, High Office Whispers is a collection of three short stories that were originally written as a radio play. For all three stories, the year is 2011, and the place is...well, each place is somewhere very important to world events. High Office Whispers is a quick read, one that you could easily do over a leisurely lunch. The stories are quirky - definitely a bit offbeat and unusual. They also all made me laugh, roll my eyes numerous times (in a good, "oh my" sort of way), and picture those famous people in the circumstances the author created. It is definitely interesting to imagine what the Pope or Putin might do behind closed doors and author Mario Dhingsa has given us a humorous look that may also get you thinking about what might really go on when the cameras are gone. As a very reasonably priced ebook, High Office Whispers is a good investment for a fun afternoon read." Read the full review at: Read the author's interview at:

Maps of Bliss and Rage

==================================================================== Silver Award Winner, Anthologies - Feathered Quill Book Awards (2020) ====================================================================

'Feathered Quill' Book Review by Amy Lignor (6th September 2019): "There are those who will state that in the world of literature at this time, the number of short story collections are far too few. Those readers are absolutely correct. And this becomes even more blatantly clear when you begin reading this particular collection filled with suspense, romance, the fantastical, the inspirational, and everything else in between. This author has, quite literally, brought the reader along on one of the best trips through history, offering up a variety of factual moments and tales that take part in some of the most stunning areas of the world. In fact, you will not only come away from this book with a sense of longing to read it again right away, but also a yearning to go on the internet and start booking a trip to some of these locales. This author has done an amazing job of waxing lyrical, historical, cultural and, quite frankly, beautiful." Read the full review at: Read the author's interview at:

#SilverScreenBlack film reviews

Available on Mario Dhingsa's blog at Goodreads and Twitter. Est. 2020.

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