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    I was born in Auckland but brought up on a farm north of Helensville. I went to the University of Auckland as an older student and gained an MA in English. My first book 'The Story of a New Zealand Writer: Jane Mander' was published in 1998, and was followed by 'Shrewd Sanctity' a biography of Kathleen Hall a New Zealand missionary nurse in China. In 2009 I had two books published my first children's book 'Nitescope' and 'Sailing to Success' which is about the Union Steam Ship Company's Apprentice Cadet scheme. This was a commission and in my dreams I wish for another! As theatre is my other love I have directed a play for Howick Little Theatre called 'Lipstick Dreams' earlier in 2009. In 2010 I directed Roger Hall's "Four Flat Whites in Italy" and in 2012 I directed "Ladies for Hire" by Alison Quigan. My latest book a novel RadarMan was published in 2013. I am also an assessor and belong to the NZAMA.


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    Publication #1

    A story for children from age 9-11. An adventure set in the Northland town of Mangawhai. A conservation theme alongside the terror of a gang attack.

    RaderManPublication #2

    When 19 year-old Bob Marshall gets his call-up papers to join the Royal New Zealand Navy in1943 he is ecstatic. Born and brought up in the inland city of Hamilton, Bob wants adventure. He is keen to be in uniform and eager for his naval life to stat; he can't wait to be on a ship in action. All the ships in this story did exist and action did take place in the Andaman Islands - but the rest is fiction.

    Shrewd Sanctity The Story of Kathleen Hall

    Kathleen Hall is better known in China than she is in New Zealand. She trained in Auckland as a nurse and then on hearing a talk on China became inspired to offer herself for service as a missionary nurse. She reached China in 1923 and became fluent in the language. When the Japanese invaded China, Kathleen became involved in clandestine activities which would have resulted in immediate death if she had been caught by the Japanese.

    The Story of a New Zealand Writer: Jane Mander

    A biography of Jane Mander who wrote 6 novels. Her most well-known was The Story of a New Zealand River. Set in Northland. Jane Mander overcame geographical isolation, poor education and a lack of money to get to New York and London and supported herself as a journalist. I believed it was time this hard-working and fascinating woman had a book to herself.

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