Sue Copsey

Sue Copsey is an editor and freelance writer. She writes junior fiction and non-fiction, and under her pen name Olivia Hayfield also writes adult fiction. Her first adult novel, Wife After Wife, a retelling of the story of Henry VIII and his six wives, was published in 2020 by Hachette UK and Penguin Random House in the US. Sue lives in Auckland but makes regular trips back to her homeland, England, to research her modern retellings of historical tales.


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  • Non-Fiction


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Our Children Aotearoa

For primary school-aged children, on the theme of diversity. Featuring 17 New Zealand children from different cultural backgrounds. Storylines Notable Book 2012.

The Ghosts of Young Nick's Head

Book 1 in the Spooky Adventures series for children aged 8-13. A lot of fun and a little bit scary – and educational, but don't tell the children.

The Ghosts of Tarawera

Book 2 in the Spooky Adventures series. Storylines Notable Book Award-winner, 2016. Featuring a phantom canoe and Mt Tarawera.

The Ghosts of Moonlight Creek

Book 3 in the Spooky Adventures series. Our heroes are invited by Anastasia's movie-director father to visit the location of 'Dragonlord Rising', which is being filmed near Queenstown. They soon discover there's more than one reason the old gold-mining settlement of Moonlight is known as a ghost town.

Wife After Wife

Adult fiction – a modern retelling of the story of King Henry VIII and his six wives.

Sister to Sister

This sequel to Wife After Wife is a retelling of the early years of Elizabeth the First's reign, and centres around her relationships with her sister Mary, her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots, and her favourite, Lord Robert Dudley.